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Stefano Viani

Stefano Viani

Stefano Viani is the managing director of Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH He is always up to date with the latest developments and trends in e-commerce and digital marketing. For decades he has been a consultant for large and medium-sized companies for the technical, visual and advertising optimisation of websites. In particular, he develops concepts and measures for successful sales marketing.

Excellent SEA consulting: Blackbit receives BVDW certificate

Excellent SEA consulting: Blackbit receives BVDW certificate

Small and medium-sized companies need to make use of tools such as search engine advertising (SEA) in order to be found by potential customers on the web and increase their sales. Due to the confusing offer of SEA and SEO service providers, the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) has created certificates that offer companies a guide for selecting professional and high-quality agencies. Our customer-oriented, transparent and high-quality advice in the field of search engine advertising was awarded the SEA certificate for 2018.

Online marketing at its best: Blackbit receives BVDW SEA certificate

We receive the SEA Quality Certificate for 2018 from the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) and are thus confirmed in our expertise, customer satisfaction and transparency in the field of search engine advertising (SEA). In order to be found on the web and increase sales, SEA is a powerful tool that small and medium-sized companies should use if they want to prevail against larger competitors on the web and reach potential customers with their products or services.

3 reasons to use Bing Ads for multichannel marketing in the B2B sector

3 reasons to use Bing Ads for multichannel marketing

What do you think of when you hear search engine advertising? In all likelihood, the answer will be "AdWords," because Google not only dominates the international market for search engine advertising (SEA), but also holds a market share of 90 percent in Germany. Nevertheless, companies can reach almost one in ten users in Germany with Bing Ads, and especially in the B2B sector - because many large and medium-sized companies use Microsoft products. 

Duty before free: The new packaging law for online retailers

The new packaging law for online retailers

With the new German Packaging Act (VerpackG) coming into force on January 1, 2019, it is once again clear that digital commerce involves much more than simply setting up and operating an online store. Legal changes have a direct impact on day-to-day digital business, which is why we have summarized the innovations of the VerpackG that are relevant for every store operator of physical goods.

Why you should not confuse content and inbound marketing

Content-Marketing vs. Inbound-Marketing

The Internet offers people new approaches in their search for solutions and content: Without being able to narrow down their question or specifically name their desire, they come into contact with content. This is where content marketing comes in: The desired target group is addressed with the help of user-relevant content and thus convinced of a product, a company or a service. Inbound marketing has a similar approach, using various tools and optimizing strategies to accompany visitors along their customer journey. In recent years, both approaches have become effective alternatives to traditional advertising - but how does content marketing differ from inbound marketing?

No Limits: Growth-Driven Design Meets Enterprise Resource Planning

Digitalization versus the world of work - the SoftENGINE SolutionDays 2017

The advance of digitization involves more than just the development of new technologies, because society is also changing in tandem with technological innovations. In this context, small and medium-sized companies in particular must better adapt to the changing needs of their customers and optimize their own processes in order not to be left behind. True to the motto "No limits", this year's SoftENGINE SolutionDays focused on the ongoing influence of digitalization on the working environment. The conference, which took place on June 8 and 9 in Speyer, gave SoftENGINE users, partners and employees the opportunity to exchange ideas about current trends and challenges in business operations.

The Future of Online Marketing - HubSpot Partner Meeting

Hubspot Summit 2017

Customers buy differently than they did ten years ago! This fact presents e-commerce companies with new challenges: How to reach potential customers in the fragmented web? Which marketing strategies are effective to generate new leads? And how do you create positive user experiences to increase sales? In doing so, the ever-faster developments in online marketing demand entrepreneurial flexibility and agility in implementation. Inbound marketing has established itself as a holistic marketing strategy for accompanying potential customers through to a successful purchase. With helpful content and customer-centric marketing and sales tools, the customer is put in the center of attention, ensuring a better user experience and more sales. On May 16 and 17, 2017, as pioneers of inbound marketing in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), representatives of HubSpot partner agencies met to exchange ideas in Dublin. The HubSpot Summit invited the most qualified agencies to share what's new in online marketing and the changing challenges of being an agency. Blackbit was there as a HubSpot Silver Partner to gather new insights into the future of online marketing for the optimal consulting of our customers.

Successfully run Smart Display campaigns with Google AdWords

Smart Display from AdWords is changing digital commerce.

To successfully reach customers on different platforms, companies can now use Smart Display campaigns to serve precisely tailored ads on more than three million websites and apps. Thanks to machine learning, AdWords Smart Display is continuously optimized, responsive display ads are automatically created and conversion-optimized ad offers are served.

Artificial intelligence for more sales? News from the Google Agency Meeting

Blackbit Online Marketers as guests at the Google Agency Service

The days of rigid metrics and regional search results in Google search are over. Search results are now tailored to existing search behavior and user profiles - delivering better results and a more satisfying user experience. This is because search engines learn with the help of artificial learning and dynamically influence which results are displayed. A supposedly simple Google search is determined by auto-completion in the search box, bid control in AdWords and intelligent prediction of purchase completion probabilities. Blackbit online marketers André Reß and Achim Stassen exchanged views on how exactly artificial intelligence can be used to optimize search results and thus increase sales in online commerce at the Google Agency Service meeting on March 30.

Identity-based brand management: From the core to a successful brand

Web design in the sense of brand management

Brand: More than just a logo A brand is not just the logo or the name of a company. It is the sum of all the individual parts: both self-image and external image. To retain customers in the long term, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition. The appearance as an outer shell serves recognition. But brands today are so much more than just the home for products and services, because with the purchase the customer receives a value promise as an extra on top. That's why brands not only provide information, but also give orientation in times of oversupply and disorientation. Many people lack a sense of direction: Who do I want to be? What do I want to represent? From whom do I want to differentiate myself? Since brands are managed more emotionally today, it is possible for them to fill this gap. There are two ways to differentiate a brand from the competition: