EXPRESSO Case Study: Into the future of e-commerce with BigCommerce and Pimcore

More flexibility in the front end plus differentiated addressing of B2C and B2B

EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG helps people around the world to fulfill handling and transport tasks. In line with the 2022 redesign of the company presentation, the online store of the Kassel-based company is to be set up on a new technical basis in order to meet current and future requirements in e-commerce.

Blackbit is setting up a new online store based on the software-as-a-service solution BigCommerce, customizing it according to the wishes of the EXPRESSO team, and connecting the powerful Pimcore X for user-friendly product information management.
Read how Blackbit combines the strengths of the old store with user-friendly features of a new technology and how EXPRESSO benefits from more options in front-end design. Among others by:

  • A fully responsive BigCommerce store with flexible design options
    The new BigCommerce store combines maximum flexibility on the operator side with the best possible user experience and allows the implementation of the proven product configurator including numerous personalization options.
  • The update to Pimcore X 
    The powerful PIM in the current version enables seamless connection to the EXPRESSO merchandise management system as well as time-saving maintenance of product information.
  • The targeted addressing of customer segments
    Thanks to BigCommerce standards, the new store provides a differentiated approach to various customer segments, including associated pricing models and a shipping cost regulation for B2C and B2B customers.

Read more about the implementation in the detailed case study.

Enjoy reading!