Connect BigCommerce and Pimcore

The flexible bundle for powerful connections of BigCommerce systems to Pimcore by Blackbit

Are you looking for a PIM system?

If you are looking for a powerful product information management system (PIM) for your BigCommerce shop, you should definitely take a look at the leading Open Source PIM. Pimcore is well recognized by analysts such as Gartner and Forrester and is successfully used in more than 100,000 companies in 56 countries. With Pimcore, you can overcome all the challenges of modern data management, no matter how complex your products are and how many products your assortment includes.

You want to connect your BigCommerce shop with Pimcore?

You've already chosen Pimcore and need a powerful interface between BigCommerce and Pimcore. Then you need the BigCommerce interface for Pimcore from Blackbit. The interface consists of two parts: the Data Director and the Data Director Bundle for BigCommerce.  The Data Director for Pimcore is a low code, no-code interface development environment with which all desired data can be synchronized between Pimcore and BigCommerce. The Data Director Bundle for BigCommerce configures the Data Director to transfer products including categories, links, and assets from Pimcore to BigCommerce.

Features of the App

  • Easy configuration & setup
  • Easy import of your products (categories, assets, links, etc.)
  • Predefined BigCommerce data and templates for export and mapping
  • Process manager for regular synchronizations
  • Visualization of the current synchronization status
  • Support for variants and options

And what else?

Because product information management often includes more systems than shop and PIM, the Blackbit Data Director for Pimcore enables almost any interfaces and applications for Pimcore. Here are some examples that have already been realized on the basis of Pimcore and the Data Director:

  • Import/Export of data to SAP, Infor, Webware, JTL, etc.
  • Automatic export of e-commerce data to online stores such as BigCommerce, Shopware, xt:commerce, Shopify, etc. when corresponding data objects are stored in Pimcore
  • Import/Export BMEcat
  • Import/Export of content from/to Wordpress, Hubspot, Typo3
  • Import/Export of customer-related data to CRM systems
  • Export ecommerce-related information to Hubspot to automate email marketing.
  • Create product feeds for marketplace syndicators like ProductsUp, Channable, etc.
  • Create export feeds for SaaS search providers like FactFinder, Doofinder, etc.
  • Export product data that can be used in InDesign for product catalogs, datasheets, and more.
  • Create product feeds for Google Shopping, Facebook, etc.
  • Import product data from Icecat
  • Synchronization of asset file folders/DAM system with Pimcore assets
  • Perform data quality checks, including notification
  • Create REST APIs to read/write information to/from Pimcore
  • Automatic translation with DeepL/AWS Translate
  • Automatic text creation with artificial intelligence ( API)

And more?

Around the Pimcore Bundle we offer:

Request a free login to our Data Director demo. Demo installation resets every 24 hrs. If required, arrange an individual presentation appointment via screen-sharing. As an experienced Pimcore Gold Partner, we are happy to answer your personal questions and show you possible solutions for your individual challenges.

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