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Blackbit celebrates international unity

German Unity Day is just a few weeks ago and could quickly fade away like so many before it. But this year, at Blackbit, this holiday was much more than in previous years. Because the current situation in Ukraine sheds new light on German history and how we perceive it.

Glückwünsche von unserem Team in der Ukraine.

On German Unity Day, site manager Alex and his entire Kiev team congratulated us very warmly: with a lovingly designed digital greeting card and good wishes that came from the heart. At that moment, it became clear to us: Especially against the background of the Ukrainian territories recently annexed by Russia and the terrible war in Ukraine in general, peaceful unity and intact national borders are an invaluable asset. Unfortunately, we in Germany take living in peace and prosperity all too much for granted and are far too unaware of our good fortune in everyday life.

In Germany, we approach the Day of German Unity much more soberly and often only see the difficulties that reunification still means for us today. Of course, German unity did not only produce winners and still holds political, economic and social challenges for every individual in our country. But what would have been the alternative? With a permanent separation of the two parts of Germany, we would certainly have been permanently unhappy - and economic security would not have resulted from it either. For no one.

Enriched by this new perspective on German unity, we feel deep gratitude for the 74 years of peace in Germany since 1945 and declare our solidarity with our colleagues in Ukraine and the inhabitants of the entire country. For we live it actively and with deep conviction in our daily togetherness. For the right to live in peace and integrity - in Ukraine and all over the world! We are one team, across all borders. Blackbit stands united!

Internationaler Team-Spirit: Blackbit ist eine Einheit.#standwithukraine

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