Skip to content Case Study: In the digital fast lane - with online portal and app

Case Study zur Zusammenarbeit von Blackbit und Bikeleasing With the new bike to work and the employer pays? No problem thanks to the uncomplicated leasing offer from Bikeleasing-Service GmbH & Co. KG! Blackbit has developed a web portal as well as an app for our long-standing customer, set up a new API interface for automatic synchronization between PIM and CRM, and thus created a convenient, unbureaucratic and service-oriented processing of the leasing offer.

ASS furnishing systems: Visionary cooperation with a holistic approach

Unsere neue Case Study: Visionäre Zusammenarbeit mit ASS-Einrichtungssysteme ASS-Einrichtungssysteme develops high-quality school furniture, technology products as well as holistically conceived learning room concepts. Blackbit has created the appropriate presentation platform for the visions of the full-range supplier and has set a spotlight on the wide product range of ASS with a 3D preview generator.

Blackbits Big Plugin Release

Blackbits Big Plugin Release, Pimcore plugins for data management, import/export and more Working with a wide variety of customers, we are constantly implementing innovative individual solutions that could also be useful for others. We would like to share these with all interested parties: We open our toolbox and present a numerous selection of plugins - directly from the Blackbit developer forge and available now in the Blackbit Shop.

Jan Walther is Pimcore's Contributor of the Month

Blackbits Senior Developer Jan Walther is Pimcores Contributor of the Month Jan's dedication keeps his list of awards and certificates growing: Our Pimcore developer was already "Most Valuable Pimconaut of the Year" in 2019 and winner of the Pimcore Community Rally in 2020. Now comes the next award: "Open Source Contributor of the Month". Congratulations to you, Jan - keep it coming!

Pimcore: Data Director version 2.5.0 is here

Version 2.5.0 of our Data  Director Bundle is now available   The first Data Director update after the launch of Pimcore X again provides users of the export and import bundle with a number of improvements and new features. Learn in detail which innovations our developers have made in the latest version of the Data Director and from which improvements you can benefit with version 2.5.0:

Pimcore X takes off!

Pimcore X is here - the most important facts about the new version Pimcore X was released on May 11: The new version offers increased performance and new features for efficient collaboration on product data, digital assets and other content. The long-awaited release of Pimcore X is finally here! The most important news right away: Technologically, the framework has been put on a new, faster footing with the help of the Pimcore community. Pimcore X is more powerful and leaner than all previous versions. The developers realized this with Symfony 5, PHP 8 and ExtJS 7. As the world's leading PHP framework, Symfony offers the best prerequisites for efficient developments based on Pimcore. This pleases the developers in house!

Rohde tames extensive product data with PIM & table configurator

Release: PIM system and table configurator for the Rohde AG website Rohde AG supplies industrial companies all over the world with a wide variety of industrial handles, surface technologies, mechanical processing and pipe connections. For the company, such a wide range of products also means a large amount of diverse product data that has to be maintained for its website, catalogs, etc.