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Identity-based brand management: From the core to a successful brand

Web design in the sense of brand management

Brand: More than just a logo A brand is not just the logo or the name of a company. It is the sum of all the individual parts: both self-image and external image. To retain customers in the long term, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition. The appearance as an outer shell serves recognition. But brands today are so much more than just the home for products and services, because with the purchase the customer receives a value promise as an extra on top. That's why brands not only provide information, but also give orientation in times of oversupply and disorientation. Many people lack a sense of direction: Who do I want to be? What do I want to represent? From whom do I want to differentiate myself? Since brands are managed more emotionally today, it is possible for them to fill this gap. There are two ways to differentiate a brand from the competition:

Unforgettable stories and emotional brand worlds

Emotional web design invites you into brand worlds.

Rational relevance and emotional added value For online retailers, there is no doubt that only high-quality products are in stock and unique services are in the store's repertoire. However, what is obvious to entrepreneurs must also be communicated to the target group. Many similar offers on the market make the USP disappear. Information in the online store and a flawless product are assumed.