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New bundle for Pimcore: Better Search

Blackbit's neues Pimcore Bundle: Better Search bietet ein optimiertes Sucherlebnis

For efficient master data management, it is essential to work with a powerful search function. Blackbit's Pimcore Better Search Bundle is the drop-in replacement for Pimcore's standard backend search. It gives you a search experience like you're used to with popular web search engines.

Version 3.3: the latest Data Director for Pimcore

Blackbit releases version 3.3 of Data Director for Pimcore

Our developers have invested a lot of time in new optimisations to provide you with an improved user experience when using the Data Director in the current version. Our powerful import and export bundle comes in version 3.3 with the following new or revised functions and features:

Free Pimcore Bundle from Blackbit: I-Frame plugin enables the display of web content on the Pimcore Dashboard

Blackbit informiert über das neue I-Frame-Plugin und seine Funktionen.

The Pimcore Dashboard

The Pimcore Dashboard welcomes Pimcore users to the Admin Panel after login. With the help of portlets, the user quickly gains an overview of the changes in the Pimcore system. Out of the box, it is displayed how many and which objects, assets or documents have been changed. With the integration of Google Analytics in Pimcore, page views and sessions can also be displayed graphically.

Blackbit at the Pimcore Mountain Summit 2022

Pimcore Mountain Summit

Finally, after a two-year break due to corona, a Pimcore Partner Conference took place again on 27 September 2022. Pimcore events have always had a special place in our annual agenda - and this year's conference was a real highlight, if only because of the choice of venue. Because the location of this year's Pimcore Mountain Summit was 1001 metres above sea level on the Zistelalm in Salzburg.

Blackbit releases new bundle: Single Sign-on for Pimcore

Single Sign-on Bundle für Pimcore

Since June 2020, Blackbit digital Commerce GmbH has maintained an LDAP integration for Pimcore. Now Blackbit extends the possibilities to connect Pimcore to a central user management with the support of OpenID.      Companies can manage their users and access permissions, instead of individually in each application, centrally with the help of external authentication providers. This is particularly interesting for large companies and firms whose employees use a large number of web applications. Thanks to Blackbit's Single Sign-on Bundle, Pimcore now fits seamlessly into the corporate IT landscape.

TechTalk: Optimize Inheritance & Deploy Dataports

The Pimcore Data Director video tutorial on Optimize Inheritance & Deploy Dataports features

As a fast-growing digital agency, Blackbit is constantly faced with the challenge of efficiently operationalizing the rapid development in all areas in our tribes. Working with agile methods brings all kinds of positive effects and is an essential cornerstone of successful digital transformation.