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Blackbit remains Google Partner

Blackbit continues to be a certified Google Partner

Blackbit has been a Google Partner since the beginning of the program and once again meets the requirements for certification, which stands for the highest quality in online marketing and distinguishes us as competent as well as trustworthy partners.

BVDW Guide: The 8 Stages of Connected Commerce

BVDW Connected Commerce Guide

E-commerce has long since ceased to be a new trend and has become an integral part of the retail sector - with its importance continuing to grow: While bricks-and-mortar retailing only grew by around 1% in 2018, online retailing generated almost 10% more sales than in the previous year (source: Handelsverband Deutschland).

Digital commerce replaces e-commerce

The 4 levels of digital commerce

Consulting the online shopping list at the supermarket, ordering clothes from the comfort of your couch via tablet and picking them up in the store, or ordering a grocery box including recipes to take home on the Internet - more and more consumers prefer a combination of online and offline purchases. What matters to customers is not which channels they use to get to the products they want, but that they are offered a convenient, frictionless shopping experience.

Blue Ocean strategy: Strong brand through unique positioning


Unique and unmistakable: Isn't that what every company wants to be? In other words, isn't that what everyone wants? In e-commerce, there is no such thing. If you look at different online stores, they are often arbitrary and interchangeable. As a reseller, it is difficult to differentiate yourself through the products - the ranges are often congruent. Store systems are also becoming increasingly similar. Today still three steps ahead, competitors are catching up at a rapid pace and also upgrading with technical innovations - faster than you can even think "innovation". Everything blurs into a gray mass: similar products, identical customer approach, yawning boredom.

From sexy web design to usability orgasm

When usability and web design really like each other.

"Form follows function" - that means no unnecessary decoration, no ornate embellishments. But how does this motto affect web design today? Influenced by Bauhaus, the motto is an expression of a radical idea of pure functionality. Bauhaus and Deutscher Werkbund set themselves the goal of educating people to "good form". It was all about the simplicity of things: "Less is more" - less is sometimes more. But less is sometimes also boring.

Customer acquisition vs. customer retention - which is more worthwhile?

Customer retention vs. customer acquisition - Blackbit digital Commerce

In order to retain customers, of course, you have to win them over in the first place. In times of saturated markets, however, this is neither easy nor inexpensive. A wide variety of quasi-interchangeable products allows online shoppers to be extremely selective. It wasn't only with the advent of price comparison portals that bargain hunting on the web has become a veritable popular sport.

The Internet of Things: Safety first?

Internet of Things: IT Security and Data Protection - Blackbit

The supermarket shelves send advertisements to the cell phone, the car starts the heating at home and the refrigerator reports that milk is missing: practical life assistance, but what actually happens with this information? What data is collected, who has access to it, how is it used? The issue of data protection and misuse of Internet of Things technologies is increasingly coming to the attention of the IT industry.

Digitization: learning from successful start-ups

Infographic: The most valuable start-ups in the world

The digital revolution scares some people, while others use its destructive energy to catapult themselves and their companies to the forefront of this revolution. In 1842, Mikhail Bakunin already knew dialectically: "The pleasure of destruction is at the same time a creative pleasure! So today, Uber is oppressing the traditional business of passenger transportation, and Airbnb is forcibly breaking a large chunk out of the hotel industry. So what is the recipe for success of this young revolution?

Internet of Things: Is your car already talking to your washing machine?

Internet of Things: Application areas and ideas - Blackbit

Everyone was talking about the Internet of Things back in 2015 - and it will probably be with us for years to come. What is meant by this is the trend that it is no longer just people who call up or add web data on their PCs, but that "intelligent" objects are increasingly connected to the Internet. This networking means that devices, switches and sensors communicate independently and perform various tasks for their users.