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New bundle, new features in Pimcore Reports

Enjoy new functions in Pimcore Reports with the new bundle by Blackbit

The latest Blackbit Bundle in the Pimcore Marketplace allows you to access external databases and map the data into your Pimcore reports. This innovative product adds another useful feature to your master data management via Pimcore: With the new bundle you can access external databases in Pimcore reports. For this purpose, an additional user-defined report type 'External Database' appears under the 'Individual Reports' section of your Pimcore backend. The feature supports all SQL-based databases supported by PHP Data Objects. Among them for example:

Lossless transformation of data models in Pimcore

Against data stress: Lossless transformation in Pimcore

Structuring product and customer data perfectly for the online store, marketing channels and sales processes is no simple task. Numerous factors must be taken into account when creating a data model so that the data can ultimately be efficiently maintained and stored and processed with high performance.