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Jan Walther

Jan Walther

He is our expert for conception and development of Pimcore-based master data management solutions, the development of reusable plug-ins as well as the practical implementation of interfaces between Pimcore and external systems. Rich in insights, he is therefore irreplaceable when advising customers on economic and technical challenges.

Blackbits Big Plugin Release

Blackbits Big Plugin Release, Pimcore plugins for data management, import/export and more Working with a wide variety of customers, we are constantly implementing innovative individual solutions that could also be useful for others. We would like to share these with all interested parties: We open our toolbox and present a numerous selection of plugins - directly from the Blackbit developer forge and available now in the Blackbit Shop.

Pimcore: Data Director version 2.5.0 is here

Version 2.5.0 of our Data  Director Bundle is now available   The first Data Director update after the launch of Pimcore X again provides users of the export and import bundle with a number of improvements and new features. Learn in detail which innovations our developers have made in the latest version of the Data Director and from which improvements you can benefit with version 2.5.0:

New bundle, new features in Pimcore Reports

Enjoy new functions in Pimcore Reports with the new bundle by Blackbit The latest Blackbit Bundle in the Pimcore Marketplace allows you to access external databases and map the data into your Pimcore reports. This innovative product adds another useful feature to your master data management via Pimcore: With the new bundle you can access external databases in Pimcore reports. For this purpose, an additional user-defined report type 'External Database' appears under the 'Individual Reports' section of your Pimcore backend. The feature supports all SQL-based databases supported by PHP Data Objects. Among them for example:

Pimcore tutorials from e-commerce expert Blackbit for users of all kinds

We demonstrate what Pimcore Data Director can do in our four-part vlog. As experts for the open source platform Pimcore, we help with the installation of Pimcore, the configuration of MySQL or MariaDB, the functional extension through PHP programming based on Symfony and the design of templates for the Pimcore CMS. But when it comes to managing documents, images, assets and product information in the PIM, our customers want to work independently without the help of our developers. A recurring requirement is the import and export of data to and from Pimcore objects. With the Data Director for Pimcore, this can be done quickly and easily, in many cases without writing a line of PHP. We show the many possibilities of the Pimcore Data Director Pimcore is a simple yet powerful framework for building digital platforms with an intuitive interface for administrators. Its strengths lie primarily in editing structured data. That's why Pimcore is often used as a PIM and MDM system in e-commerce, but also for digital asset management.