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Facebook at Work - Busy helper?

Facebook at Work: A tool for internal communication in companies - Blackbit

A glance at the calendar, checking e-mails, coordinating appointments, keeping track of time - the phone rings, the messenger flashes and the intranet is available, but it is only really used on leap years, especially since no real benefit is apparent. We are surrounded by tools that are very useful in individual cases, but in total inhibit productivity.

Social CRM: 11 tips for companies

Social CRM: 11 tips for successful customer relationship management on the social web - Blackbit

Today, social media offer companies enormous potential in the area of customer relationship management. More and more frequently, busy customers on Facebook, Twitter & Co. are becoming data suppliers and partners in the (further) development of products and business areas. To help you get to know your customers better, customize your offerings and enhance your company's reputation, we have compiled 11 tips for successful social customer relationship management (sCRM).

Local Insights: New statistics for Facebook Pages

Facebook Local Insights - Blackbit

If you regularly browse the statistics of your Facebook fan page, you may have already discovered them: the new Insights for local businesses. The tool has been available in the U.S. since November 2015 and has now been rolled out to German-speaking countries. We present the most important functions and advantages for advertisers.