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Advanced Social Media Marketing - The Facebook Ads Camp 2017 (Wordpress)

 Social Media Marketing für Fortgeschrittene – Das Facebook Ads Camp 2017 - Blackbit Social media marketing experts and marketers discussed how to implement successful advertising measures on Facebook at the first German Facebook Ads Camp on May 5, 2017 in Cologne. In conjunction with Instagram, the social network has become one of the largest advertising platforms worldwide - with 1.8 billion monthly users on Facebook and 500 million users on Instagram. The Facebook Ads Camp offered a full day to exchange ideas about efficient ad design and distribution. Joining the camp was our in-house social media expert and vice-chair of the BVDW (Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft) social media focus group, Michael Koch, who led the discussion panel on campaign optimization on Facebook.

8 web design tips for successful online stores

An online business can be set up quickly. But how do you stand out from the numerous competitors and make your e-business sustainably successful? Store design plays an important role in this. Usability, trust, motivation – we have summarized what you should look out for when designing a successful online store in eight web design tips for you.

BVDW publishes Social Media Compass 2015/2016

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Association for the Digital Economy) published the seventh edition of its Social Media Compass at dmexco 2015. In this standard work, the BVDW's Social Media Focus Group deals primarily with the topic of data as the basis for successful corporate strategies for Facebook, Twitter & Co.

The criteria for successful online stores (* pimcore)

UsabilityAward_pimcore_Blog.png Store Usability Award 2016 as "Most Innovative Shop" goes to Originality, reliability or attractiveness - what makes a successful online store? Which criteria are important and which technology is necessary if you want to inspire customers and retain them in the long term? Last week, the Shop Usability Award 2016 selected the best online stores in Germany. The webshop, which we redesigned in collaboration with the brand agency moodley, scored points in the category "Most Innovative Shop".

Siska - A Bit Black for 16 Years!

Our time is fast-moving, our world networked and our possibilities almost endless. The great constants in life are becoming rare. But that's what makes them so valuable. That's why we at Blackbit are really happy that some of our team members have been with us for more than a decade. In the first part of our new series we would like to introduce you to one of these faces.

All for technology: PHP developer Serhii thrives at Blackbit

PHP developer and tech fan Serhii has found his perfect working environment at Blackbit The thoroughbred PHP developer not only puts his passion for technology at the service of Blackbit, but also optimizes his entire home at the same time. As a convinced fan of the Internet of Things with a soft spot for a digitally connected environment, he is therefore in his element at Blackbit. Welcome to the team!