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Paul Vetter

Paul Vetter

Paul writes sometimes colorful-creative, sometimes purely factual customer and target group-oriented texts. Whether on or offline, for the blog, in fast-moving social media or for corporate publishing of inventory as well as marketing concepts that simply convince.

Blackbit celebrates 10 years of Patrick!

Blackbit feiert 10 Jahre Patrick - und freut sich auf die nächsten zehn Jahre mit ihm!

On 1 February, Patrick Bitzer will have been with the company for ten years. In our interview with him, we look back at his beginnings at Blackbit, personal highlights and how he and the agency's business have developed over time.

A warm welcome! A word with Wanja

Hi, Wanja! Blackbit welcomes the new CMS software developer to the team.

Since mid-August, Wanja has been enriching our Digital Marketing Tribe with his creativity and skills in the CMS software WordPress and has already delighted a good handful of customers with new web designs. In the interview he tells us more about himself.

New in the team: Bridge builder Sergey

Wir begrüßen Projektmanager Sergey im Team.

Since June, Sergey has been responsible for communication between customers, Blackbits and all other stakeholders at the Blackbit location in Kiev. So far, he has simply been too busy to introduce himself, because he describes his job succinctly as "many customers, little time".

Musical addition to the backend: Welcome, Johannes!

Willkommen bei Blackbit, lieber Johannes!

His parents had completely different plans for him and wanted him to become a musician. We sincerely hope Johannes did not disappoint them with his studies in information and media technology. Because we are very happy about the new backend developer.

Blackbit celebrates international unity

Die Blackbit-Family lebt internationale Einheit über alle Grenzen hinweg.

German Unity Day is just a few weeks ago and could quickly fade away like so many before it. But this year, at Blackbit, this holiday was much more than in previous years. Because the current situation in Ukraine sheds new light on German history and how we perceive it.

Ten years of Blackbit: Our copywriter Anett celebrates company anniversary

Am 15. Oktober sind es genau 10 Jahre: Wir feiern Firmenjubiläum mit Anett.

Our time is fast-moving, our world networked and our possibilities almost endless. The great constants in life are becoming rare. But that's what makes them so valuable. That's why we at Blackbit are really happy that some of our team members have been with us for over a decade. Today we introduce you to the next face in our series of topics: our full-blooded copywriter Anett!

New addition to the frontend: Anton knows his stuff!

Anton Pomyluiko works from Ukraine and supports the Blackbit front end team with full commitment

With his first step into the Pimcore universe, Anton was clear: the platform has potential. As a Pimcore Gold Partner, we fully agree and go one better - because with our new inquisitive frontend developer Anton, the collaboration potentiates to a classic win-win situation. Welcome to Blackbit, dear Anton!