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Blackbit Creates New Position: Customer Advocate

Transparency and open and honest communication are among our guiding principles when working with our customers. We have created the new role of Customer Advocate in order to better implement these requirements in our day-to-day agency work in future, even beyond ongoing projects.

Blackbit creates a new position for better collaboration between customer and agency: Customer AdvocateCustomer Advocate: Your new point of contact beyond projects

Before, during and after the implementation of a carefully planned digital project, our customers are in close contact with their contact persons from consulting and project management. Regular meetings, such as Jour Fix or Daily, as well as project updates via email, Teams and Consorten keep everyone involved up to date.

Our developers also take on an advisory role in some projects thanks to their specialist knowledge and many years of experience in the realization and implementation of new platforms, tools and technologies. They give workshops, create video tutorials, answer user-related questions and help with familiarization with new systems so that they can develop their full performance spectrum as quickly as possible.

Active listening, recognizing needs and pointing out perspectives

Even when we are working hard with our customers to reach the next project milestone, we want to give enough space to other topics that are not directly related to this but can still be of crucial importance. This is exactly why Blackbit has created the new Customer Advocate role. Our experienced Project Manager Sören Lerbs will take on the new role with immediate effect.

Our experienced project manager Sören Lerbs will take on the new role of Customer Success Manager with immediate effect.

His task is to maintain a broad exchange on current topics outside of ongoing projects. What questions are our customers still asking? What challenges are facing the company and the customer-specific market? And what prospects can we offer them?

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