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Blackbit partners with Mailchimp

Many entrepreneurs and marketers have already worked with Mailchimp in the past. Now the tool with its many new email marketing functions has once again become our focus as a digital agency - and our newest partner!

Professionalisieren Sie Ihr E-Mail-Marketing mit unserem neuen Partner Mailchimp!

Mailchimp is one of the world's leading platforms for email marketing. The American service provider offers a wide range of integrated functions that help you to professionalise your email marketing activities and increase your reach and sales.

How can you and your company benefit from Mailchimp?

Regardless of the size of your company, Mailchimp promises resource-saving and efficient email marketing - partly due to its usability:

  • Thanks to an intuitive user interface , even rather inexperienced users can work with Mailchimp quickly and easily.
  • With the drag-and-drop editor , you can create professional emails in just a few steps - without any HTML or other programming knowledge.
  • Generative AI tools support you with the design and content of your emails.
  • Numerous templates and examples are available for your emails, expertly crafted for various industries and occasions.

Mailchimp also integrates powerful functions that allow you to address your customers in a targeted manner and analyse the performance of your campaigns in detail:

  • Send targeted emails to different target groups within your customer base thanks to self-definable customer segments.
  • High degree of automation: Create automated email campaigns that are linked to predefined events, for example to automatically send a welcome email or personalised birthday greetings.
  • Compare the performance of different email variants in A/B tests to achieve the best results with your emails in the long term.
  • Extensive analysis options: Track the success of your campaigns with detailed statistics such as open rate, click rate and other KPIs.

API-supported integration of your CMS or shop system

On top of this, Mailchimp offers API-supported integration with other tools such as leading content management or shop systems as well as always up-to-date, highest security standards:

  • Integration with other tools: Mailchimp can be easily connected to many other business tools such as Canva, Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter, Surveymonkey and other services. Do you run a BigCommerce or Shopify shop, for example, or does your website run on WordPress? Then Mailchimp is equipped for seamless and uncomplicated integration into your IT infrastructure.
  • High security: Your data is safe with Mailchimp. The company is ISO 27001 certified and GDPR-compliant, so you can easily comply with the applicable data security and data protection standards for your customers.
  • Mobile app: With the Mailchimp app, you can manage your campaigns on the go.

You can find helpful tips and best practices relating to Mailchimp in the active Mailchimp community, where professionals and newcomers to the platform gather and exchange ideas.

Would you like to professionalise your email marketing with Mailchimp?

If Mailchimp could be the right choice for your company to increase reach and sales efficiently and sustainably, contact us now.

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