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Blackbit x Viani: the case study of the month

Digital delicacies: Trust and an exemplary success story grow from many years of collaboration. Our case study of the month shows the fruits that a close relationship between agency and client can bear.

"Better food leads to a better life" - this is the vision of Antonio Viani Importe GmbH and also its mission. As one of the leading companies in the import of Mediterranean delicatessen products, the wholesaler has been serving its customers since 1973. These include various retailers, customers from the catering and specialist delicatessen trade as well as foodies, gourmets and fans of the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Viani Importe GmbH Case Study von Blackbit

Even though Antonio Viani GmbH was already being supported long before 2016, our case begins with the first major success this year.

2016: Multi-channel sales with Pimcore

A new idea was realised with the major relaunch of the Antonio Viani Importe online shop. Visitors to the shop are immersed in the lively world of Viani, illustrated with appealing photography and enriched with extensive product and background information. Vividly presented recipes and exciting food stories add authentic details to the gourmet cosmos, while portraits of manufacturers and suppliers give the products a face - the large Viani family becomes visible through individual products.

Despite all the attention to detail, the high level of user-friendliness of the new shop not only delighted gourmets, but also digital commerce experts: the newly launched website was honoured as the "Most Innovative Shop" at the Shop Usability Award 2016.

2021: Merging bricks-and-mortar retail and the digital world of indulgence

The task now was to seamlessly link Viani's online and offline worlds, which have grown over the years, in order to offer a user-friendly shopping experience by merging bricks-and-mortar retail and digital offerings in a customer-centred way. Accordingly, the aim of the new web relaunch was not only to expand Viani's online presence with new content and offers (vouchers, cooking courses, shop locations) and give the site a fresher look, but also to harmonise it technologically with stationary services and products in the Viani stores. The aim was to provide customers with a holistic, cross-channel experience.

In addition to maximising user-friendliness, the aim this time was not only to warmly welcome every customer as part of the Viani family, but also to address B2B and B2C customers in a more targeted manner. At the same time, the aim was to minimise the effort required for data management and synchronisation on the operator side.

The new solution: price-sensitive

The relaunch in 2021 will be accompanied by technological optimisation for data synchronisation and a redesign of the Viani website. Under the new interface, offers from the shops and digital shopping options are closely intertwined.

The minimalist design of the Viani shop gives more space to individual products and the stories behind them. Shop visitors experience a world of enjoyment in which a wide variety of customers feel welcome. This achievement has been honoured by the industry with a nomination for the German Digital Award 2021 in the Visual Design category.

We regularly publish our case studies to show transparently what goals we achieve with long-standing customers and how our collaboration has developed. Our success story of the Viani Digital Commerce Platform was published on the website of our partner Pimcore and named the best case study of June.

Find out which technical means Viani and Blackbit used to achieve their goals in our case study about the Italian delicatessen retailer.

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