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Digitization: learning from successful start-ups

The digital revolution scares some people, while others use its destructive energy to catapult themselves and their companies to the forefront of this revolution. Already Mikhail Bakunin knew dialectically in 1842: "The pleasure of destruction is at the same time a creating pleasure!". Today, for example, Uber is squeezing the traditional business of passenger transportation, and Airbnb is forcefully breaking a big chunk out of the hotel industry. So what is the recipe for success of these young revolutionaries?

Infografik: Die wertvollsten Start-ups der Welt

What allows them to swim on the waves of the digital revolution and not crash on the nearest rock? As we all know, success has many fathers. I would like to focus here on one aspect that many of these revolutionary start-ups have in common.

Making the right use of valuable data

Digitization produces - how could it be otherwise - vast amounts of data. Digital marketing not only allows us to look at the profitability of our advertising spend. Between impressions and return on investment, we find helpful and valuable information about our customers and their habits.

It doesn't have to be big data centers celebrating Big Data, either. As a sales and marketing agency, we know that for many clients, simply installing a Google Analytics tracking code and engaging with this free Google service provides important insights. These insights into target groups and their habits are competitive advantages that can be gained with little effort.

It is not large investments that are required, but first of all flexibility in thinking that gives way to a new chain of effects:

  1. Measure
  2. Evaluate
  3. Control

The shorter this cycle is, the more confidently you can steer your company through the wild waters. The easier it will be for you to surf on a wave that spontaneously builds up in front of you.

Flexible growth thanks to cloud computing

To be successful in the long term, your company must above all remain flexible and agile. And therein lies the true value of cloud computing: flexibility and agility here means that resources can be built up at short notice, for any period of time, and adapted to market requirements in the shortest possible time. This is an opportunity that most successful start-ups have used since the beginning and that established companies have had to work hard to achieve.

So it's no wonder that two of the world's most valuable startups - Airbnb and Pinterest - are on Amazon Web Services' (AWS) reference list. Think the cloud is exclusively for startups? Far from it! See for yourself which traditional companies are still on the Amazon Web Services reference list alongside Siemens and Software AG.

Conclusion: It's time to act

Establish the impact chain of the digital revolution in your company as well and put yourself in a position to react quickly to changing market conditions. We will show you how to gain valuable insights into the behavior of your target group with the help of Google Analytics and thus optimize your marketing strategy with little effort at our exclusive customer event. On August 24, 2016, we invite you to the big barbecue in our Göttingen agency garden and offer you not only hearty food from the grill but also two exciting presentations and, of course, the opportunity to exchange ideas with our marketing experts in person.

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