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Experienced, patient and always open to new ideas: Welcome, Andrii!

Since October last year, the experienced frontend developer Andrii has been strengthening the Blackbit team at the Kiev location. In the interview, we get to know the quiet character a little better.

Herzlich willkommen und schön, dass du bei uns bist, Andrii!

Hello Andrii! Nice of you to take the time. You've been with Blackbit since mid-October last year, have you arrived well? And what are your tasks in the company?
Thank you, yes, I have arrived very well! As a frontend developer, I'm mainly in charge of developing user interfaces, creating new features that go far beyond the standard solutions, and eliminating bugs in quality management.

Which applications do you work with?
Mainly with React Native and Vue.js.

How did you find your way to Blackbit?
I became aware of you via LinkedIn and the talent platform djinni, and after being in contact with
Alex, I knew relatively quickly that it was a good fit.

What experience did you have before Blackbit?
Before that, I was mainly involved in the development of web applications and mobile apps.

What makes you stand out?
Definitely my experience in development. Apart from that, I am a very patient and persistent character.

Do you see your job more as a science or an art?
Definitely as a science!

What is on your desk?
My phone, a notebook and a pen. That's all I need.

When you're not at your desk? What do you do then?
I like to go to the gym to relax, it's the ideal balance for me after a day at my desk. A good workout clears your head. Apart from that, I also like to listen to music.

What would be the title of your biography?
Don't be afraid of new.

That fits Blackbit perfectly and is a great closing word. With this in mind, we wish you continued fun and success with Blackbit!

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