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Hello Hamburg! Blackbit on a great journey

To ensure that teamwork works really well, we at Blackbit are always happy to make time for each other. And team building outside of everyday agency life is something the company management is happy to support. This time, the Blackbits met at the Hamburg site.

Blackbits aus Hamburg, Berlin, Göttingen und Kiew trafen sich Ende 2023 in der Hansestadt.Blackbits from Göttingen to Kiev in St Pauli

After our team had met in Berlin and Göttingen in previous years, the Hanseatic city was on the agenda this year. In addition to our colleagues from Berlin, Göttingen and, of course, Hamburg, it was a particular pleasure to welcome some team members from Ukraine to the Hamburg office in Reimerstwiete, just opposite the historic Speicherstadt warehouse district.

Together we went to the Kieztheater Schmitz Tivoli, where we enjoyed an entertaining evening at the theatre after a delicious dinner together. Those who wanted to could then explore St Pauli or round off the evening with a stroll along the Landungsbrücken.

Blackbit looks back on a successful year

At the end of a busy but successful year, the meeting was good for everyone - and was a welcome opportunity to get to know new colleagues better outside of joint projects, to see Blackbits from other locations live again and to continue to grow as a team.

After the team events in Göttingen, Berlin and Hamburg, we are still hoping for peace in Ukraine and are looking forward to meeting up with all our colleagues in Kiev.


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