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Helping helpers: Blackbit supports the Rückenwind project.

Project Tailwind stands by students who have lost touch in class due to the Corona pandemic. As one of the project's sponsors, Blackbit is particularly proud of its successes.

Prolonged school closures, new forms of instruction and a lack of digital infrastructure did not make it easy for many learners during the Corona pandemic. Home schooling by parents, some of whom work full time, and new forms of digital and self-directed learning left gaps in knowledge and exacerbated already existing inequalities among students. The Rückenwind project is doing something to counteract this.


A network that picks up students.

The project for students in grades 1 to 6 specifically supports children who are not eligible for state assistance. "Students who have lost their jobs and thus an important source of income because of Corona accompany disadvantaged children through the difficult school year together with other educational assistants. Together, they work to make up for any deficits that have arisen and at the same time stay on the ball with the current learning material.

The project was initiated by RC Göttingen-Süd and is supported by all Göttingen Rotary Clubs and Rotaract.
All involved are proud of the small and big successes of the project and are therefore especially happy about the latest award. The Rückenwind project recently took third place in the Health Prize for Southern Lower Saxony, awarded by the Göttingen/South Lower Saxony Health Region. The award was given to projects that make a creative contribution to overcoming the Corona crisis.
We say keep up the good work and send our appreciation to all those who are socially engaged - Bravo!