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Our Digital Marketing Tribe is growing: Hello, Basti!

Curious, musical and ambitious: Basti is our new Social Media Manager in Berlin. In this interview, the trained PTA reveals more about himself.

Neugierig, musikalisch und ehrgeizig: Basti ist unser neuer Social Media Manager. Im Interview verrät er mehr über sich.Hi Basti! Nice to have you here. You started your job at Blackbit in our Berlin office on 9 January. What does it look like, what exactly do you do?
I support and advise companies in the area of social media and ad placements. Whether it's Meta, LinkedIn or TikTok - no channel is safe from me ?

How did you come to Blackbit?
One of your Instagram Story Ads drew my attention to Blackbit and I clicked ...

What training do you have?
I'm a qualified PTA (Pharmaceutical Technical Assistant) and was even PTA of the Year 2016, but I actually wanted to go into the music industry and start out as a marketer, as I've been doing all this for my band for years and also advise other bands on content and USP. So I combined both areas and became an expert in digital pharmacy marketing.

What characterises you?
I am extremely curious, always want to know and try out everything and, thanks to my ambition, I keep at it - I think my career proves that quite well ?

Do you see your job more as a science or an art?

What's on your desk?
More importantly, who sits next to it? Because that's where my dog Anakin usually lounges around.

And when you're not sitting at your desk? What are you doing then?
I'm often out in the countryside with my campervan, dog and girlfriend to switch off. As a musician, I'm also travelling all over Europe with my band "Empire of Giants", so I'm busy almost every weekend.

What does your perfect Sunday look like?
A long walk through the forest with my dog - that's all it takes.

Anything else you want to say?
Check out my band!

All right! Thank you for your time and good luck with Blackbit!

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