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xt:Commerce Case Study: The Hofmeister Success Story

Sustainability in e-commerce: Blackbit pushes the business of the traditional and high value retailer for wooden goods with optimizations of the xt:Commerce store.

As a company with history, Hofmeister is aware of its ecological and social responsibility. The wholesaler and importer stands for sustainability and lives up to its social and ecological obligations: production from renewable raw materials, manufacturing in small, regional companies or family workshops, short supply chains and climate-neutral as well as plastic-free shipping - truly lived, strong values that Hofmeister can be proud of! Hofmeister therefore wanted to communicate its convincing philosophy more clearly to the outside world. Blackbit tackled this task and implemented technical and visual optimizations of the Hofmeister online store in three successive steps.

Shop und Produkte profitieren vom ansprechenden, neuen Design.

With xt:Commerce 5 in three steps to an optimized online store

  1. Step
    Blackbit created a new logo that expresses the company's values.
  2. Step
    The development of a new screen design based on the xt:Commerce 5 template bundle BB Ultima+. In this way, Blackbit staged Hofmeister's wooden products in a completely new way and enabled their presentation in a modern store design.
  3. Step
    Finally, Blackbit gave the store additional functions to improve the user experience, make it easier for customers to search for products and also give the store a better ranking with search engines.

Optimizations of the Responsive Design and an accelerated structure of individual store pages as well as their individual elements improve the shopping experience. In addition, there are specific solutions tailored to the Hofmeister store and its product range, an intelligent product search, and adjustments to the shopping cart and checkout process that make it faster and easier for customers to complete their purchase.
On the operator side, clever plug-ins help simplify data management and present products in the newly designed store.

The optimizations of the Hofmeister store have made you curious and you would like to know what we can do for your store? Then let our detailed case study inspire you: click here for the download form.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Emre Gül directly. Together with you, she will ensure that your store performs better in every respect.

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