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Anett Michael

Anett Michael

Anett Michael is an experienced blogger for various topics of online marketing, but also writes texts for websites and online shops. Besides search engine optimized web texts, she also formulates effective ad texts for effective search engine marketing. As a specialist for social media activities, she also feels at home on all social platforms and designs crisp posts for customers.

8 web design tips for successful online stores

An online business can be set up quickly. But how do you stand out from the numerous competitors and make your e-business sustainably successful? The store design plays an important role in this. Usability, trust, motivation - we have summarized for you in eight web design tips what you should pay attention to when designing a successful online store.

Optimized & automated: Newcomer Jan puts processes under the microscope

Optimized & Automated: Our Newcomer Puts Processes Under His Microscope. Welcome, Jan! "It can certainly be done better and ideally by itself!" - That's the motto of our new colleague Jan. His passion for process optimization and automation doesn't let him go even after work: Jan is busy modifying our processes with Kubernetes clusters in the office, but he also tinkers with his hardware collection in the evenings.

Back in Black: From student temp to content professional

Paul Vetter is a copywriter and concept developer at Blackbit. We welcome a new concept developer and copywriter to the Blackbit team in Göttingen. But Paul Vetter is not completely new to us: We met him during his German and Philosophy studies at joint photo shoots. At that time he assisted our favorite photographer Mirko Plha and we were able to borrow his eloquence for one or the other project. 

What must a cookie banner look like today?

Is your cookie banner up to date? Current ruling of the BGH Not only since the entry into force of the DSGVO anno 2018, the question of the design of legally secure cookie banners leads to some question marks. However, especially as a website or store operator, it is indispensable to be on the safe side at this level. Those who do not want to run the risk of being warned due to formal errors are faced with the task of implementing the current guidelines as soon as possible.