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Lisa Kleffner

Lisa Kleffner

With a great deal of product knowledge, Lisa always implements customer requests in a structured, timely and to-the-point manner. With her experience from many successful Blackbit projects, she is a real capacity in direct consulting.

netID: The alternative to the dying cookie

netID SvenBornemann

What would be a suitable alternative to the cookie? The EU Parliament is increasingly focusing on data protection and the privacy of Internet users. The Süddeutsche Zeitung already wrote in 2017: "Media and advertising industries feel threatened." because potential customers could be lost with the cookie. The knowledge and inspiration platform for the digital and marketing scene OMR also reported in its article Death of the Cookie in December 2019 that digital business models are facing dramatic challenges. 

Renewed growth in front-end development

Yaroslav Sayenko supports us at the frontend

We welcome another addition to our new developer team in Kiev: Yaroslav Sayenko will be responsible for our German and international customers in the future and is dedicated to the development of sophisticated web applications. The developer stands out with two and a half years of professional experience and skills in jQuery, CSS and HTML. His greatest passion is single-page applications such as Vue.js and React.js.

New frontend developer in Kiev team

Vitalii Buga is new frontend developer in our Kiev team

Joining our Blackbit family, we introduce Vitalii Buga as the front-end developer of our new Ukrainian team. With a degree in Computer Science and several years of professional experience, the Ukrainian applies his extensive skills around web applications in frontend development. Vitalii's goal to implement the user experience and its functionality behind as user-friendly as possible finally brought him to the frontend. 

Advertising on the wrong track?

Experts talk on the topic 'Is Advertising on the wrong track?'

If you follow the debate about the use of personalized advertising, two topics keep popping up: Cookies and artificial intelligence (AI). While cookies represent the technical basis for playing out personalized advertising, AI pursues the goal of optimizing advertising. In this context, the question arises as to what targeted advertising will look like in the future, because cookies are gradually becoming a discontinued model;

Our first site manager in Kiev

Alexander Strizhakov: Blackbit site manager in Kiev

In January 2020, we were able to recruit a site manager with extensive know-how for our first branch in Kiev: Alexander Strizhakov is the head of our staff in Kiev, coordinating the expansion of the team and managing it. The Ukrainian draws on his many years of experience as an account manager and risk manager. With his "nothing is impossible" attitude, problem solving is at the forefront of his mind. Alexander ensures that workflows are correct and run smoothly.

We are growing - now also internationally!

Kiev UNIT.City Areal

"The shortage of IT experts has long since affected not only the IT sector, but also the entire economy and also administration, public authorities and science," Bitkom President Achim Berg explained in the Handelsblatt of November 28, 2019. He said that every unfilled position costs revenue, burdens the ability to innovate and slows down the digital transformation.

Thanks to Pimcore: with internal ticketing to an attractive user experience

Hamburg@work now with its own ticketing

The largest cross-industry networker in the north, Hamburg@work | Digitalcluster.Hamburg, offers a platform where entrepreneurs, players and opinion leaders can exchange ideas on the topic of digitization. The aim is to think outside the box and address experiences, objectives and problems. To realize this online as well as onsite, Hamburg@work offers its members ticketing for various events. And this ticketing has undergone a transformation - naturally to offer members a more pleasant user experience.

TV campaign extension: Smart remarketing for CRB

The TV commercial for CRB by Blackbit digital Commerce

The chemical laboratory CRB Analyse Service GmbH has been on a steady growth course for years and already successfully uses different digital marketing channels. In order to expand its target group, the Hardegg-based company now relied on TV advertising for the first time and commissioned Blackbit to create a commercial.

Blackbit at Talent Festival 2019 - in search of new talent

Blackbit presents itself as an employer at the Talent Festival 2019

Emre Gül and Alexander Bretfeld from our office in the capital went looking for reinforcements for our team on November 13 in the halls of the Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute at Salzufer Berlin. After companies from the games and film/TV industry had presented themselves the day before, various companies from the advertising and digital industries were now allowed to present themselves at the Talent Festival of the network media:net berlinbrandenburg .

Thick B, top of the Spree

Mental preparation before departure

"In summer you do well and in winter it hurts [...]". And although summer is already over, the Blackbits dared to make Berlin unsafe in winter. After an entertaining bus or train ride and a joint lunch, the Blackbit team tried not to let the Berlin traffic get out of hand:

New Full Stack Developer in the Blackbit Team

Jan Wieland is frontend and backend developer at Blackbit

Since the beginning of October Jan Wieland supports us as Full Stack Developer. Since 1985, he has worked in almost every facet of IT. For example, he worked in IT support at TÜV or in PC production at Siemens. At Blackbit, the all-round developer uses his know-how in front-end and back-end development. In doing so, both the functionality in the backend and a user-friendly handling in the frontend are in the foreground for him.