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Blackbits Agility Barcamp 2021 - Agile Vision Sharpening

As an agilely organized, constantly growing digital agency, it is invaluable to adjust to new requirements as a team from time to time and to review our structures for optimization opportunities. At our digital agility barcamp on November 19, we therefore presented, analyzed and discussed together.

Blackbits Agility Barcamp 2021

Many heads, one vision

For an entire day, all Blackbits put their heads together at the virtual bar to jointly target new goals in agile work. Equipped with a barcamp package of the finest Italian delicacies, insights, best practices and processes from individual tribes were presented in short presentations, followed by lively discussions and many new ideas.
With an open mindset and plenty of room for new ideas around the design of our work and the further consistent implementation of Blackbit's own version of the Spotify organizational model, new impulses for the agile work culture at Blackbit quickly came together.

Insight into Tribes - Mission Self-Organization.

Blackbit is organized into Tribes and Chapters in the form of a matrix organization and has an international footprint. As a learning organization, Blackbit faces the challenge of analyzing the internal flow of knowledge and communication across the different business units and incorporating the findings into the future organizational structure and direction of the agency. The agile Tribe model creates the structural framework for self-responsible work in flat hierarchies. The rapidly changing conditions on the market require flexibility, a willingness to learn and a constant readiness to innovate. This agility drives us and requires a constant horizontal as well as vertical flow of information within our organization.

From organizational forms, soft skills and best practices

CEO Stefano Viani opened our event with exactly this in mind: Company goals and agile organizational design at Blackbit. Developing key insights for future-proof visions from the status quo - this is the art of staying agile. Starting with a look at current company goals, our eleven Leadership Principles were also addressed. These shared values are a constant process of reflection that connects, challenges and encourages us.

Project Manager Lisa Kleffner linked the topics of company goals and our organizational structure with a practical example in her detailed presentation "This is how my squad works - how does yours work?" and provided insight into the coordination and setup of her team.

We consider the agile plugin development within the agency as a strong sign for the successful organizational form of our innovative digital agency. CEO Stefano Viani found the fitting words: "A clear sign of the successful transformation to an agile organization is that innovations are increasingly brought forth and implemented by employees."

Stay flexible and move on cheerfully!

We are delighted that Blackbits from Berlin, Göttingen, Hamburg and Kiev have once again proven that teamwork and a passion for agility, innovation and customer satisfaction unite us. To stay true to these ideals in the future and to further optimize our quality standards, collegial exchange and focus on our shared values is the fertile ground for a prosperous future.

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