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BVDW Agency Ranking: Blackbit in Top 100

The current BVDW ranking of German Internet agencies this year again draws a topography that tells of the ups and downs of the market, and provides orientation in the industry.

The Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft (BVDW) e.V. (German Association for the Digital Economy) recently published its annual Internet agency ranking - the most important thing up front: Blackbit continues to grow despite the Covid 19 crisis and is once again making up places in the rankings.

Opportunities and risks of a special time

The pandemic and its economic consequences are omnipresent. Both brick-and-mortar retail and companies in e-commerce are feeling the effects of the still subdued consumer mood. Directly or indirectly affected are many digital agencies, which reported average revenue declines of around -2.9% in the last fiscal year 2020. The number of employees at online agencies fell accordingly by around 4.1%.

Shift in market shares

Of course, the pandemic has accelerated processes of digitization in many areas. But many classic agency customers, especially those in the tourism, automotive, and event industries, as well as customers in stationary retail, had to struggle to survive.

Spending on marketing and digitization was diverted or at least held back for the time being, despite government aid. In the statistics of the BVDW rankings, these agencies no longer appear at all, in some cases with drastic revenue losses.

Perhaps this also means that the trend of recent years is continuing and concentration in the market is increasing: in the current ranking, the 50 agencies with the highest revenues generate around 85% of the total revenue generated.

Shifting revenue focus

For large agencies, however, revenues come from different business areas than in the previous year. Services related to digital transformation, strategy and consulting show an average increase of around 30% compared to the previous year. There was also an increase in agency revenues in the platform business and e-commerce, as well as with outsourced services. Meanwhile, the traditionally high revenues in digital advertising and brand and product communication have declined by almost 25%.

Blackbit in the ranking

As a full-service agency with a focus on digital commerce, Blackbit entered the pandemic with an unexpectedly favorable business outlook. The internet agency ranking of the BVDW based on the key figures turnover, growth in percent, number of employees and their decrease or increase as well as the per capita turnover lists Blackbit for the first time among the most successful one hundred agencies. With a turnover of 2.64 million euros, our agency made a big leap from 117th place to currently 94th.

Thanks to the new turnover figures, we also appear in another section of the ranking: with a growth of 31.9%, Blackbit occupies the twelfth place in the subranking of the fastest growing agencies.

This year's results give us great pleasure, as they confirm our actions and motivate us to perform even better next year. A little pride is allowed, therefore we look with a broad chest positively into the future!

If you are interested in Blackbit and our services, please contact us at any time. We will do our best for you.

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