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From the Renaissance to the digital age: front-end developer Valeriia

Digital surfaces are her thing. Valeriia already brought a lot of know-how to our Ukrainian team - and is diligently expanding it for Blackbit projects. Away from the digital age, she likes to deal with the historical reappraisal of the Renaissance.

Frontend-Entwicklerin Valeriia arbeitet am Standort Kiew für unsere E-Commerce-Kunden

The 21st century and the Renaissance era don't have much in common. But it is precisely the contrast between the two worlds that fascinates the young front-end developer. Inquisitively, she acquires technologies such as Shopware 6, xt:Commerce or STYLA and implements her knowledge directly for our customers. She prepares the editing, organization or presentation of her digital content as intuitively and appealingly as possible. Currently she is learning the JavaScript web framework Vue.js and will surely master it soon.

Away from the user-friendly construction of e-commerce projects, Valeriia can be found immersed in historical events of the Renaissance. Her interest in this bygone era, long before electricity and the Internet took hold, also influences her hobbies: in her free time, Valeriia can be found practicing archery or fencing. A clear separation between her professional and private life is very important to her in order to fully recharge her batteries.

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