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High-revenue search engine advertising thanks to bid management

Revenue generated using search engine advertising (SEA), is expected to continue to increase through 2021, according to Statista. However, for many companies that have laboriously familiarized themselves with Google AdWords, it is becoming increasingly difficult to optimize bidding strategies and the desired success with SEA unfortunately often fails to materialize. The more extensive the advertising campaigns become, the more often the use of the complex bidding system and the elaborate optimization of ad budgets pushes even the most motivated online marketers to their limits - the corresponding click and sales figures are then usually missing. Bid management tools help advertisers to create and adapt bid strategies - thanks to smart algorithms and artificial learning mechanisms, 20 to 60 percent more ad clicks can be achieved.

But how does bid management work and what do advertisers need to pay attention to in order to maximize their returns in search engine advertising?

High click prices, but little revenue? Optimize bid strategies with bid management

Search engine advertising works on a pay-per-click basis, with prices for ad clicks determined by a bidding system. Depending on certain criteria, bids can be placed on specific keywords, which vary in price depending on demand. Advertisers try to optimize their bids on certain keywords in order to meet various targets such as net profit. It becomes more difficult to optimize bids for search campaigns the higher the number of keywords. When manual bid strategies fail and costs are too high for individual clicks, bid management tools can help find optimal bids based on automated analysis.

With bid management, advertisers can optimize their bid strategies and thus increase the success of their ads, because the best bid in terms of time is continuously determined and adjusted for each search term. Algorithm-based software calculates the best time to use a set bid for a specific keyword. This ensures better performance, more sales and less effort than manually determining bids. Unlike Google's built-in conversion optimization tool, which is a rule-based system, powerful bid management tools are driven by algorithms and can therefore search for the best bid combination on a daily basis - because the bidding environment is constantly changing and depends on many different variables.

Adspert is a bid management software suitable for advertisers of any industry and company size to fully automatically optimize AdWords, Yandex and Bing Ads campaigns. Not only a drastic performance increase compared to manually set up search engine advertising is convincing, but also the intuitive operation and quick setup: after the desired targets have been set, Adspert analyzes all necessary decisions and always chooses the best possible bid.

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The recipe for successful search engine advertising

Bid management tools make everyday campaign optimization work easier for advertisers, yet they cannot replace an experienced SEA manager: Optimal search engine advertising always requires a specialist who can interpret data and recognize correlations. In addition, there are many other tasks that make up successful search engine advertising that cannot be covered by bid management tools. Therefore, in order for bid management to achieve impressive results, a solid campaign and keyword strategy should already be in place. That is why Blackbit uses the entire range of its own SEA services to create profitable advertising for our customers: from attractively formulated ad texts, to attractively designed banners, to target group-optimized campaigns. Our SEA specialists continuously monitor and analyze the performance of the advertising measures in order to make appropriate adjustments or recommendations. We have been successfully using Adspert for our customers for several years and can achieve maximum ad success at very low additional cost.

Bid management helps advertisers to control their search engine campaigns so that the best possible bids are placed on the desired keywords. In this way, users who are ready to buy can be addressed more directly and advertising costs can be kept within defined targets. Companies that rely on comprehensive support from experienced SEA managers and combine this with the use of bid management tools such as Adspert can profitably maximize the returns from their search engine advertising.

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