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Media design and media creation: Julia in dahouse!

May we introduce: Julia Jordan, media designer and self-confessed knitting and crocheting enthusiast,enrichessince the beginning of Septemberour team.

Attentive to detail, with a precise eye and her sense foryoung designscomplementsJuliajoins our graphics team in Göttingen.Beautiful,becausewe have our hands fulland cannoweven more agile to respond to our customers' wishes.

About Julia's career we canFow we can reveal the following: After her apprenticeship, the firstfirstwas the gathering ofwork experienceon the programfollowed by aGraphic design-Studies followed by a job as a media designer for a well-known provider of solid houses.


But thedesire,ito return to the old homelandhonorgrew.And wheitfatewould have it, leadseJulia's and our wayetogether.Wirrejoiceaboutthisfreshn,creativenInputandboth sidesare satisfied that our flexible work arrangements allow her to do justice to her two kids as well.

When she does have a little precious free time for herselffor herselfthen she knits and crochetsor devotes herself passionately to handlettering.Sincehowevertraining fingers only is rather one-sided from a sports scienceis rather one-sidedJulia strengthensstrengthens herself additionallyjogging or doing a whole-body workout. She also likes to dance to music, because her passion is dancing - in a carnival dance group.

Even if the carnival season will not be quite as extensive this year:No reason for sadness!Seisure that you will have fun with ushave funwith us. Together we bridge the deprived phase!

Nicethat youin the teamJulia!

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