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Musical addition to the backend: Welcome, Johannes!

His parents had completely different plans for him and wanted him to become a musician. We sincerely hope Johannes did not disappoint them with his studies in information and media technology. Because we are very happy about the new backend developer.

Wir begrüßen Johannes als neuen Backend-Dev in der Blackbit-Family!

Hi, Johannes! Nice to have you here - since when, actually?

I joined the Blackbit team at the Berlin location on 1 September 2022 and have already arrived very well.

How would you describe your job?

As a backend developer, I take care of the logic behind the websites, i.e. how data is processed in the background.

Can you tell us something personal about yourself?

My parents wanted me to become a musician - but I didn't want to make music for others, but for myself. That's why I focused on my great passions of maths and computer science. As a child, I always wanted to be able to programme, but I only had graphical programming environments (GameMaker from yoyo) and no internet to teach myself. That only really took off during my studies.

What professional experience do you have?

I was employed in software testing in electric automobility and tested the programme code for its requirements in MATLAB Simulink - also in great detail in module testing.

What education do you have and what else distinguishes you?

I studied information and media technology, which means: a little bit of media, a little bit more electronics and a lot of computer science. I also have a quick grasp of things, I don't give up easily, I'm very persistent when it comes to solving problems and I'm an extremely communicative person who is always interested in his environment.

Which app would you never want to do without?

Spotify! I've already tried a few alternatives (including moving all my playlists), but I think the social component of Spotify is just great! And also that there are always concerts of my favourite artists to be found. Unbeatable.

Which programmes do you like to use the most and why?

I mainly use PhpStorm to manage files for websites and to write the programme code. I really appreciate the autocomplete and linking to other sections of the programme. Other than that, I'm excited to see what programmes I can get into here!

What personal things are on your desk?

My Pebble watch, so I don't have to look at my phone all the time. And the water bottle my girlfriend gave me.

When you're in a bad mood, what do you do to get in a good mood?

Music, music, listening to music - and sometimes improvising some on the keyboard and singing to it if there's time.

What's at the top of your bucket list?

Flying to China to meet my girlfriend's family and childhood village.

What does the perfect day at the office look like for you?

Arriving at the office in the morning relaxed, putting on tea, (continuing) to work on an exciting project and quickly googling how to implement this programme structure. Chatting with colleagues, finishing one project or another (I love getting things done) or finally solving a stubborn bug. Also helping out colleagues from time to time and letting them help me, going home with a good feeling at the end.

Do you have a motto?

I go by Peter Gabriel's "Don't give up! (Because you have Friends...)".

A nice closing word! That's the end of our little interview. Thank you for your time, Johannes! We wish you a good arrival and look forward to a joint agency future with you.

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