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New addition to the frontend: Anton knows his stuff!

With his first step into the Pimcore universe, Anton was clear: the platform has potential. As a Pimcore Gold Partner , we fully agree and go one better - because with our new inquisitive frontend developer Anton, the collaboration potentiates into a classic win-win situation. Welcome to Blackbit, dear Anton!

Blackbits Neuzugang im Frontend: Herzlich willkommen, Anton!

Anton is a workhorse and he has been proving that since his first day at Blackbit. His start took place under the most difficult circumstances you can imagine: Not even a month with us, his onboarding was interrupted by the war in Ukraine, his home country and center of life. Despite this immense burden, he is working on his tasks with great concentration. We have the utmost respect for this achievement!

The frontend developer with a master's degree in metrology and information measurement technology from the renowned Ihor Sikorskyj Polytechnic Institute in Kiev is a true pimcore enthusiast to boot, making him just right for Blackbit! Whether it's setting up an appealing online store or designing finely tuned interfaces for classic multi-page websites - with us, Anton can realize himself in a variety of ways.

In addition, the team player brings a breath of fresh air into his tribe, because he lives and loves the Blackbit Leadership Principles. The active exchange with his colleagues and his motivation to constantly improve his skills are ideal prerequisites for his desire for professional stability. We are happy to stand by his side in this!

"The best start to the day is to wake up and realize where the bug is in the code." Here's to many, many good days, dear Anton! We're glad you're with us and have your back.

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