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New law: Missing data protection statement threatens warning notice

The"Act to Improve the Civil Enforcement of Consumer Protection Provisions of Data Protection Law" came into force on February 24, 2016. This is intended to protect consumers on the Internet from dubious providers. For website operators, the new law means above all that consumer protection associations and competition associations can now issue warnings for violations in the area of data protection.

Who does the new data protection law affect?

It doesn't matter whether you are an entrepreneur or a private person - every operator of a website can be warned if he has not included a data protection declaration on his website or has only included an incomplete one.

How must website operators act now?

Anyone who processes personal data on their online presence must provide a correct and up-to-date data protection statement on their site that fully covers this area. Personal data includes user data (names, address and contact data), data collected via social media buttons or Google Analytics, and stored IP addresses of site visitors. In addition, the privacy policy must inform about data processing and disclosure: What happens to data from contact forms? Does a store operator pass on data to payment or shipping service providers? To whom is data forwarded in the case of competitions or advertising?

Update: Imprint and data protection 2018

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This post was updated on 03/21/2018.