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New security thanks to new technology: Kubernetes in hosting

Blackbit is an early adaptor, as it so often is, and provides Kubernetes, a new technology that stands for security, reliability in hosting and optimized processes in web development. Just at the right time, because in the energy crisis and Ukraine war, the danger of cyber attacks is greater than ever before - also for companies.

Jetzt neue Sicherheit dank neuer Technologie entdecken: Kubernetes im Hosting

Cybersecurity in times of crisis: increased threat level

The energy crisis is visibly worsening and the likelihood of a blackout following cyber attacks has increased even further in Germany since the start of the Ukraine war. Attacks on supply structures have already occurred, fortunately without far-reaching consequences.

In its assessment of the current state of IT security in Germany, the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) speaks of an "increased threat situation". Not only government institutions and critical infrastructure are at risk. Companies of all sizes are also targets of cyber attacks, primarily through ransomware, but also through elaborately prepared APT attacks.

Potentially threatening the existence of SMEs.

2.6 million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), representing a proud 99.4% of all German companies, are facing the challenge of digitization in Germany. And at the same time, they face the question of sufficient cyber security. However, according to the BSI, the small and medium-sized enterprises among them are not in a position in terms of personnel to ensure the operation and security of information technology.

For these companies, phishing or ransomware attacks can have an impact that threatens their very existence. The question for companies is no longer whether they will be targeted by cyber attacks, but rather when. According to recent Statista surveys, the total damage caused by such attacks in the last twelve months amounted to €202.7 billion.

The loss of revenue for individual companies increases with the duration of the downtime of service and store pages as a result of a cyber attack. In addition, sensitive data losses, such as customer, shipping and payment data, but also personnel and company data, weigh heavily.

Blackbit goes secure ways with Kubernetes

With Kubernetes(K8s), Blackbit offers new technical answers to the current question of increased cyber security. K8s is an open source system for automating the deployment, scaling and management of containerized applications. Originally developed for internal purposes within Google, Google made the Kubernetes project available to a broad community as an open source platform in 2014. As such, Kubernetes combines more than 15 years of experience running production workloads with the best ideas and practices of the community. Kubernetes is thus easily extensible and ideally adaptable to individual needs.

Structural security: how Kubernetes works.

So funktioniert Kubernetes: Strukturellle Sicherheit durch ContainerisierungOn the left, the classic structure without containers; on the right, with containers.

Divided into containers, an overall system is operated from basic resources that are located on several different servers or nodes. A single, rigid and therefore vulnerable system no longer exists in this revolutionary structure.

The individual containers contain no information about what the other containers are doing and can only execute the application for which they were created. Therefore, although it is possible to execute a malicious script as part of a cyberattack, the direct effects only affect the individual container and not an entire server.
In terms of security, Kubernetes therefore offers the following advantages:

  • Ransom attacks are hardly possible
  • Operating systems receive updates automatically as new containers are deployed. Old versions are not pulled along.
  • Since all containers are the same, this allows simple security checks.

Kubernetes in hosting

Switching to the new hosting based on Kubernetes not only makes our service faster, more secure and more stable in use - the combination possibilities of these technologies also offer you advantages: Benefit from the strengths of the technologies we combine:

  • Minimal coordination effort for maximum performance.
    Kubernetes controllers execute individually set processes in a secure, reliable and automated manner.
  • Continuous monitoring
    Kubernetes constantly monitors the cluster and acts automatically to ensure stability and provide sufficient resources.
  • Flexibility through scaling
    Whether running multiple applications or deploying additional servers, Kubernetes provides numerous options for custom scaling, such as more performance or greater resilience to failure.
  • A new level of security
    Security updates can be applied much more easily, as the automatically created containers are regularly tested by Blackbit for known vulnerabilities. Once a container is secure, it can be used by all applications.

Jan Fuchsmann, Lead DevOps Engineer at Blackbit and responsible for the Kubernetes project, summarizes the biggest advantages of the new technology: "Kubernetes allows us to have an overview of all systems and components at all times, and thus to react immediately and also automatically to security events."

High-performance technologies smartly combined

Blackbit combines powerful technologies to optimize the reliability and security of Kubernetes in operation. In conjunction with the Sysdig Security software, Blackbit customers benefit from this additional service as an add-on that, among other things, performs automatic vulnerability scans of running containers and can actively prevent unauthorized external access.

As a hosting solution for Pimcore X, Kubernetes takes your enterprise data management to the next level, protecting the data you operate with every day - from customer data to payment and shipping information that you are legally required to store and secure in compliance with the GDPR.

Move to Kubernetes now

Whether it's secure hosting or time-saving development and smooth deployment, all application areas benefit from this structural security with Kubernetes.

Contact our sales team directly to learn more about what switching to Kubernetes can do for you and your business.

K8s im Hosting.   Jetzt mehr erfahren!