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New YouTube Data Director Tutorial: Object Wizards

The new Data Director tutorial is live! In the detailed tutorial we present, among other things, Object Wizards. With these you can create forms in the Pimcore backend that will revolutionise your daily workflows in Pimcore.

Das neue YouTube Data Director Tutorial ist da!

From version 3.3 of the Pimcore Data Director you can use the Object Wizards forms to trigger parameterised imports and exports as well as perform mass data processing as conveniently and customised as never before.

Powerful functions: Object Wizards forms

We're taking data maintenance and the user experience in Pimcore to a new level with the advanced features of the Object Wizard. Benefit from simplifiedworkflows inyour everyday data operationsby creating objects with a few clicks via custom forms. Without any programming knowledge, you can easily using object wizards forms:

  • Create a more efficient workflow for creating objects,
  • Set up forms for mass editing of existing products. Even changes that are not possible with standard Pimcore functions, such as relative price changes (increasing prices by 10%), are no problem with Object Wizards forms,
  • Create forms for the Pimcore backend to start imports and exports for the assigned objects/import files.

All these forms can be accessed directly from the Pimcore main menu for super-fast access. The new features thus make the Object Wizards forms the ideal tool to speed up and support your data maintenance processes in Pimcore. In most cases, no programming is required for this - setting up custom logic into the processing of the form is of course possible.

Learn more now

To learn more about the efficiency-enhancing features and practical application of Object Wizards forms, visit our Pimcore Data Director tutorials on YouTube.

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