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Online marketing at its best: Blackbit receives BVDW SEA certificate

We receive the SEA Quality Certificate of the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW) for 2018 and are thus confirmed in our expertise, customer satisfaction and transparency in the field of search engine advertising (SEA). In order to be found on the web and increase sales, SEA is a powerful tool that small and medium-sized companies should use if they want to prevail against larger competitors on the web and reach potential customers with their products or services. However, there is a lack of transparency of service providers and services in the field of search engine marketing, which is why the BVDW has made it its task to separate the wheat from the chaff and create an overview of qualified agencies and providers by introducing independent certificates and codes of conduct. Blackbit was able to shine with an extensive application as an agency for online marketing with a focus on search engine advertising and was therefore awarded the extraordinary "SEA Quality Certificate".

Success with strategy: search engine advertising and inbound marketing

In this age of self-determined consumption, companies that want to win new customers and retain existing ones over the long term can no longer rely on blanket, sound-bite marketing measures. Instead, advertisers should focus on their customers and their needs: In the course of an inbound marketing strategy, interested parties are reached, convinced and thus become customers thanks to target group-specific content. Search engine advertising is an effective tool for drawing potential customers' attention to this content: Thanks to algorithms, the ads are displayed in the right context and network, which leads to users clicking on them more frequently and staying longer on the target page due to the higher relevance. With the help of AdWords and Bing Ads, specific content in the form of persuasively designed ads in text, image or video form is played out and displayed according to the users' search queries. Once sufficient traffic has been directed to the target pages (website, blog, and store), the full effect of inbound marketing can unfold.

Create manageability: The BVDW's certificates and codes of conduct.

The BVDW has represented the interests of digital companies in Germany for over 20 years and is committed to greater market transparency. However, the now extremely increased number of SEO and SEA agencies makes comparison and thus the selection of qualified service providers difficult: billing models and working methods are often opaque. Not only is digital growth generally inhibited in this way, but individual companies can experience economic damage as a result of poor advice. For this reason, the BVDW developed quality certificates and codes of conduct together with representatives and experts from the digital economy to support companies in selecting service providers by distinguishing competent and professional providers. The various codes of conduct represent an independent voluntary commitment by companies that agree to comply with the defined standards. In the area of search engine advertising, the Code of Conduct Search Engine Advertising was developed to ensure the quality of strategic consulting and campaign support for SEA service providers. As a member of the BVDW and an expert agency for search engine advertising, we have naturally committed ourselves to this Code of Conduct.

This is what lies behind the SEA quality certificate for AdWords & Co.

With the increasing number of services in the field of search engine advertising and ever more complex technologies, providers are faced with the question of which SEA agencies really deliver what they promise. In order to receive the SEA quality certificate of the BVDW, agencies are tested with regard to professionalism and know-how as service providers for search engine advertising on platforms such as AdWords and Bing Ads. An independent and very comprehensive application as well as first-class performance in all tested categories are prerequisites for being allowed to use the coveted certificate for one year. Customer surveys, project work and professional qualifications from previous years play an important role in the assessment. The certificate thus provides companies with a reliable guide when selecting a service provider. A neutral committee of the BVDW evaluates the agency according to the following criteria (weighting in brackets):

  • Experience criterion (20%): Market entry, fee distribution, agency spectrum, project business and staff structure.
  • Criterion Working Method (40%): Service transparency and customer reference
  • Customer satisfaction crit erion (30%): Indication of five to eight companies
  • Criterionmarket engagement (10%): Presentations at official events, publication of professional articles or publications, SEA workshops for companies and professionals.

Close cooperation with our customers and the use of advanced technologies for constantly optimized SEA campaigns characterize our comprehensive range of services for online commerce. Due to our transparent and professional approach to search engine advertising, we are therefore awarded the SEA Certificate for 2018.

Small and medium-sized companies that want to take off in e-commerce need to get to grips with the latest tools and tried-and-tested methods of success such as inbound marketing - but to increase online sales, they also need to use them. For sustainable results, companies can take their first steps into digital commerce together with a BVDW-certified SEA agency like Blackbit.

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