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Success with style: Blackbit is STYLA partner

Always up to date and on the lookout for new, forward-looking technologies and promising partners - that is our claim. Having recently become a BigCommerce agency partner, we are now building on this with the STYLA partnership.

Neue Technologie: Blackbit ist Styla-Partner

Blackbit remains an early adopter

As a technology partner of the Berlin-based company, we are getting ready for new challenges in e-commerce and are thus opening up further customer segments. This is because STYLA offers frontend solutions for an optimized customer experience, including numerous automation options - from placement and design to automated content optimization. As the leading front-end experience platform, STYLA takes online shopping to a higher level. The customer portfolio with many leading brands and retailers from electronics, fashion and beauty, sports as well as the home furnishing industry speaks for itself.

Independent frontend for top performance

STYLA offers an API-driven Jamstack frontend that is simply placed on top of the existing store system, such as BigCommerce. This so-called head-for-headless approach increases the speed of websites or stores and noticeably increases the conversion rate. After all, the performance of a store often determines whether an online purchase is made or customers bail out before completing the purchase due to sluggish page loading. This is especially true for the mobile shopping experience - and is also a factor that Google consciously includes in its evaluation of sites.

Code-free and user-friendly

Thanks to a simple visual user interface, you and your team can effortlessly create impressive shopping experiences. Using the STYLA editor, you can manage all content without any programming knowledge and still achieve professional results. This makes you independent of IT service providers and allows you to independently maintain content such as graphics, designs and product information.

Are you interested in our new technology? Find out more about the possibilities we can offer you with STYLA - we will be happy to advise you!

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