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Sun salutation from the front end: Hello Patrick!

Viva la Vita' is his motto. What goals he has in life and what his perfect day at the agency looks like is revealed by our new frontend developer Patrick in an interview.

Mit einem Sonnengruß aus dem Frontend sagt Patrick Linner Hallo. Willkommen bei Blackbit!

Hi Patrick! Welcome to Blackbit and our team in Berlin. For those who don't know you yet: Who are you and what do you do at Blackbit?
Hi, I'm Patrick and as a frontend developer I'm mainly concerned with the user experience of websites. From the look and feel of a site to the finished online shop, from the concept to the practical implementation.

As a computer scientist, you can almost choose where you work. Why did you decide to work in an agency?
After finishing my studies, I'm looking forward to immersing myself in practice in a professional environment and learning many new things. In an agency, the different specialisations and characters you meet are particularly interesting. That broadens your own horizon.
I found Blackbit quite simply via Google when I was looking for an interesting job.

Have you had any professional experience before?
After my training in interactive media, which you can imagine as a mixture of art and computer science, I gained a lot of useful experience in an internship as a documentary filmmaker and from my time as a freelancer in motion design and front-end development.

And which programmes do you prefer to use for your job and why?
Quite simply, I use After Effects for animations and PhpStorm for programming the frontend, Docker for the backend and Adobe XD for collaborating with the UI/UX designers.

And on your desk? Does it look as clear there?
Basically, yes: my notebook and pencil, a cup of coffee and my MacBook - that's all I need to work.

What other qualities distinguish you?
I am inquisitive, always open to new things and always remain relaxed. Like a surfer waiting for the right wave. I bring a lot of patience and attention to detail to my work.

What does the perfect day at the office look like for you? Do you need a certain amount of tension and hard deadlines or do you take it easy?
Everything starts with good coffee. That's the basis for a successful start to the day. At lunch with colleagues, I enjoy the exchange about different projects, but also the conversations about topics far away from the job. Of course, the perfect day is crowned by an early finish. Then I still have enough time for an intensive yoga session.

Yoga - is it also your tool of choice to get back into a good mood when things aren't going so well?
Absolutely. Yoga also helps prevent bad moods. Being mentally centred and grounded helps immensely in a fast-paced everyday life. And I also stay physically fit.

What do you like to do when you're not at your desk?
I love being out and about in Berlin. There's something new to discover here every day - and lots of old things anyway. Everything is exciting!
Apart from work, I also love programming and experimenting with neural networks in Python and reading the relevant books on neurology and psychology.

And the big goals in life? What's on your bucket list?
One big goal is to experience the Northern Lights live in Norway one day. I would also like to live by the sea one day.

So that you can realise your goals as successfully as possible: What advice would you give your 15-year-old self?
Do your thing!

That's the ideal closing word! We thank you for your time and look forward to a relaxed cooperation with you.

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