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Automatic text generation via AI? Blackbit is watching!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is reaching and facilitating more and more areas of our lives, including e-commerce. Maintaining product information for online stores with a large range of products is time-consuming. We took a closer look at what AI can really do and which areas of application are worthwhile in e-commerce.

Blackbit hat sich den Einsatz künstlicher Intelligenz bei der automatisierten Texterstellung angesehen

In addition to holistic content marketing, e-commerce business primarily requires coherent, appealing product descriptions. Origin and production, price, size and many other technical attributes are usually stored in a structured way in product information systems and form the basis of a good product description. This is where process automation in e-commerce is convincing, because the advantages are obvious. Imagine a store for hygiene products and table decorations: The AI generates text suggestions for the product descriptions of hundreds of different paper napkins with different motifs and colors. The approx. 350-word product-specific texts optimize the visibility of the store in search engines, ensure more visitors and better conversion rates - the goal of every online retailer.

How does automated text creation with the help of artificial intelligence work?

Basic information such as size, area of application and similar criteria are provided to the software, which generates individual texts within a few seconds. The tidier the basis of the data, the more precise the result. The programs independently use databases as well as information from the Internet. No text templates or the like are used, because even with different queries with the same parameters, the AI ejects different texts. This prevents texts from different providers from being similar. The use of AI is perfected in collaboration with editors. The more sophisticated the products, the more human control is required. Since content from the Internet is used to generate the text, it can happen that incorrect statements from other suppliers are included in the company's own product descriptions.

Sounds like witchcraft, but it is not! The building blocks of this software have their origin in computer language and are a specific AI, specially developed to perform the task of so-called "Natural Language Generation" (NLG). Especially for product descriptions, AI can be used to massively optimize the workflow of your employees - which brings us to the benefits:

Advantages of text creation via AI

    Text generators can be additionally fed with real-time user data, so that well-adapted and personalized texts are generated.
    Automated text creation can be a great relief for employees who previously had to manually create and enter text volumes (e.g. for category texts and product descriptions), especially in the store area. Instead of this work, employees can now edit texts and perform more demanding tasks.
    Great bonus: Content production can be significantly increased when paralyzing rounds of coordination within the team are a thing of the past.

    Humans have their limitations because they are sentient beings. Thus, AI can even support employees by drafting texts by the AI and finalizing them with the appropriate finishing touches, e.g. in terms of company AI, by the person who is inhibited to write.

    Optimizing work processes makes room for the accruing tasks of a company's growth and arms the own e-commerce store against the rapidly increasing pressure from competing companies.

An example


Scott Voltage YZ 0.1 Alloy/Black 2022. the SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 is a replica of the pro model. With ultra-short, adjustable chainstays, butted head tube and high-end components - for the pumptrack, dirtjumps or the city you need no more and no less!


With the butted head tube design, the power transmission has become much more comfortable. Thanks to the angular, narrow head tube your upper body sits closer to the frame, which makes you even faster. Also, the new targeted vibrations are damped by the butted head tube some, which benefits the steering precision.

The super-short, adjustable chainstays are in one piece, which means with your steering behavior, you can rout lean angles in the trail. The slim, butted top tube design helps you use your body as an energy source on impact.

The top tube clamp is pre-shaped and makes it easier for you to set the handlebar higher.
For optimum road holding and improved ground contact, the swingarms are shaped so that the handlebars point straight up the center of the top tube clamping socket contour.<br><br><br><br>The seat stays are matched to the rider's body size for a perfect setup. The centrally placed chainring is held by the strength of the swingarms even with harder impacts.

The specially developed for the SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 saddle clamp is extremely resistant, which gives you a good grip.

The profiles and struts of the SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 are made of lightweight material. This not only stands out positively, but also ensures a long service life.

The lightness of the SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 is the reason that you can also pull the brake longer without losing energy quickly.

Thanks to the short chainstays, you can adapt to your body in tight turns while influencing the road holding.

The SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 is equipped with an integrated braking system.

The adjustable components of the SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 are the reason that you can create a unique setup. YOU can adjust the components so that they are perfectly matched to you.

The SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 is made of high quality SCOTT components. These are made of 100% carbon and ensure that your bike keeps up with you.

You need this bike because it is a combination of fast acceleration, optimal ground support and a unique handling.

The SCOTT Voltage YZ 0.1 is also the bike on which the pros slide!

Weight: 8.2 kg
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Frame type: hardtail
Notes: Trekking: yes

For all Pimcore users who want to know exactly: Integration of text generators in PIM

There are two ways to generate text based on rules:

  1. Rule-based deployment in Pimcore
    Set up
    an automatic Pimcore-based import with the fields you want to use in your text generation rules as raw data fields. You can generate the text in the callback function of the target field.

    Add a field of type "Textarea/WYSIWYG field with variables". This allows you to access the content of other fields directly from the edit view of the data object. It supports logical operations (such as conditions, loops, etc.) via Twig Template Engine syntax. Rules can be inherited by child objects, so you can have a different set of rules for different subtrees.

  2. Using artificial intelligence via Data Director
    For input, textarea and wysiwyg fields, there is a "Generate automatically" checkbox in the field settings in Data Director Attribute Mapping. This allows you to connect to a text generation API (such as the OpenAI provider). The API needs some input to know what to do - the more text you provide, the better the API knows what to do.

Our conclusion.

As a digital agency, it's in our nature to be passionate about the development of innovative technologies. "We see the added value in using AI and are positive about supporting our employees and the flexibility and creativity it brings. We are happy to focus on text strategy and leave behind the time-consuming mass production of texts," attests Blackbit CEO and co-founder Stefano Viani.

Especially for smaller e-commerce merchants, we recommend exploring the possibilities of AI-based copywriting. Feel free to contact us for an estimation of the effort of an implementation as well as for support during the implementation. We'll be happy to help you keep your online business current and competitive.

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