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Awarded: SEA Certificate 2019 of the BVDW for Blackbit

We start the new year with a refreshed SEA certification: In 2019, Blackbit once again fulfils the criteria to be recognised as an SEA quality agency by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft e.V. (BVDW). This means that we are still the only agency among the 30 certificate holders in the southern Lower Saxony region and prove that we will continue to offer search engine advertising services at the highest level in the future.

What is behind the SEA quality certificate?

BVDW-SEA Zertifikat 2019 - BlackbitThere are now numerous agencies on the market offering search engine marketing services. It is often difficult for companies to filter out the most qualified providers.

With its SEA quality certificate, the BVDW offers advertisers a reliable guide for selecting the right service provider. An independent and very comprehensive application as well as first-class performance in all tested categories are prerequisites for being awarded the coveted certificate for one year.

After applying for certification for the first time in 2018 and receiving the SEA award, our online marketing experts once again had their specialist qualifications and project work assessed by a neutral BVDW committee for 2019. The agency reviews obtained from customers are also an important certification requirement. In the area of customer satisfaction, we received full marks again this year.

Google AdWords specialisations: Ideally positioned in all disciplines

Comprehensive know-how, continuous training and expertise developed over the years pay off. Blackbit now has it in writing and is one of the few agencies active in the SEA sector to have Google AdWords specialisations with special achievements in all 5 disciplines! To achieve this award, it is not only the successful completion of tests that is decisive, but above all the quality of the performance data in the AdWords account.

This means that Blackbit is top class in all individual disciplines and can guarantee first-class support in the areas of search engine advertising, display network advertising, mobile advertising, video advertising and advertising on Google Shopping.

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