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EXPRESSO Case Study: Into the future of e-commerce with Blackbit & BigCommerce

"Never change a running system?" Anyone who rests on their laurels is fatally denying innovation and further development. EXPRESSO is looking ahead with Blackbit and facing the challenges of tomorrow's digital commerce with a new, maximally flexible BigCommerce online store.

Erfahren Sie alles über die Umsetzung mit BigCommerce und Pimcore in der EXPRESSO Case Study

Kassel-based EXPRESSO Deutschland GmbH & Co KG helps people around the world perform handling and transport tasks safely and healthily. Founded in 1939, the company is a leading premium manufacturer of ergonomic transport and lifting equipment thanks to its innovative strength and development expertise.

The mission: to make good things even better and to prepare for future challenges.

Already with the relaunch online store in 2017, Blackbit was able to increase the store's sales by 70% within one month. At that time, the aging Magento store was replaced by the Pimcore e-commerce framework. When the company's presentation was due for a redesign in 2022, EXPRESSO and Blackbit decided to once again adapt the store's technical basis to the company's current requirements.

As the online store's sales grew, so did the EXPRESSO team's desire to integrate the store more actively into its marketing activities. In particular, the content management in the store frontend was to allow more flexible display and design options. Extensive reports and a rich selection of marketing tools were desired. Nevertheless, the previous costs should not increase. In particular, all the strengths of the old store should be retained - despite all the innovations. To fix the costs for operation and ongoing updates, the choice fell on a software-as-a-service solution. On the shortlist: BigCommerce, Shopware 6 and Shopify.

Perfect combination: Pimcore X and BigCommerce

Blackbit chose the visually reduced and comprehensive BigCommerce theme "Cornerstone" and optimized it for an optimal user experience as well as the best possible display on different display sizes. EXPRESSO thus received a responsive store that combines maximum flexibility on the part of the operator with the best possible user experience. The product configurator, which was already available in the previous store, was implemented as a Vue.JS component in the "Cornerstone" theme, including personalization. In this way, the strengths of the old store were retained and additional flexible design options were created on the basis of the page builder.

With the update to Pimcore X, EXPRESSO also received an interface that converts incoming orders from the online store into EDIFACT format, the international standard format for electronic data in business transactions, and transfers them to EXPRESSO's connected merchandise management system.

The result

For the launch of the new website, Blackbit had successfully implemented EXPRESSO's wishes on the basis of BigCommerce. The targeted addressing of different customer segments, including the corresponding price models and shipping costs, is based on BigCommerce standards, the content management was set up and adapted, and the cart configurator and personalization were transferred to Big Commerce.

Due to the joint experience from previous cooperation as well as good communication and close coordination, the system change from a framework-based individual solution to a software-as-a-service application was successful. The possibilities and advantages of the latest cloud technology are used without having to forego the proven additional functions that represent a unique selling point for EXPRESSO among its competitors.

Details, facts and voices

Curious? In our detailed case study, you can learn more about project planning and management, implementation details, and customer testimonials about the result of this successful project, in which Blackbit and EXPRESSO met as equals.

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