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New year - new legal situation for online retailers as of 2019

The new year brings important changes in the law for many online retailers. In its e-magazine "Onlinehändler News", Händlerbund Mangement AG (Händlerbund) provides a clear summary of the fundamental changes.

Read about the new VAT law for operators of electronic marketplaces, which will apply from January 1, 2019, and the new packaging law, which applies to all online retailers whose deliveries begin or end in Germany. And you will find answers to the questions what has become of the ePrivacy Regulation or how warningable DSGVO violations are.

We are happy to point out the essential changes to you, because there is still uncertainty and ignorance about the new regulations in some cases, which often mean an increased risk of warning letters. Although some of them were already launched in 2018, they will only have an impact on online retailers this year!