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New White Paper: The Importance of User Experience

The design of an online shop must fulfil numerous requirements: In addition to the aesthetic aspects, it must fit in with your brand and your company, but also meet the challenges of an online shop, its technical foundations and all the criteria of the modern user experience.

Erfahren Sie in unserem White Paper alles zur Usability Ihres Onlineshops

Only if you keep the shopping experience as pleasant and simple as possible for your users and offer them the best possible experience on their digital journey will they want to come back. The more successful user stories there are, the more successful your online shop will be.

In our white paper, you can find out what makes a good user experience and what questions you need to ask yourself as a shop operator in order to identify gaps in user-friendliness, optimise your online presence and increase your conversions.

The term user experience (UX) refers to a holistic approach that encompasses the entire user experience that a user experiences when using a product. Recent studies show just how important UX is in the field of e-commerce: 75% of all internet users judge the credibility of a company based solely on the design of its website. Companies that are characterised by outstanding design even increase their sales twice as fast as their competitors (The McKinsey Design Index - McKinsey & Company). So if you manage to keep the shopping experience as pleasant and simple as possible for your customers and also create enthusiasm, this is of crucial importance for the success of your company.

What is a good user experience based on and how do you increase the user-friendliness of your online shop?

A good user experience is based on four pillars:

  • Usability
  • empathy
  • Visual design of the shop
  • Customer journey research

Keep it simple!

Usability is best translated as suitability for use or user-friendliness: it describes the extent to which a product can be used to achieve certain goals effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily. In e-commerce, it is a quality feature that shows how easy your online shop is to use. Good usability is usually not explicitly recognised, whereas poor usability is.

"Keep it simple" is one of the most important rules you should keep in mind when designing your online shop: Make sure that product categories, product detail and also information pages are easy to navigate. Make it easy for your customers to search for products and filter by features such as colour, size or product type. The easier your categories and pages are to navigate, the easier it will be for your customers to find what they are looking for and then buy.

Learn to think like your customers

Understanding the user context is key to a successful transaction. Only when you know the mood and context of your customers and identify any obstacles and problems will you be able to successfully adapt the design of your online shop and thus increase your conversions.

Direct the user's attention to your product and guide them to make a purchase

Of course there are design trends, but these change with each generation of designers and vary across different cultures. Don't rely on short-term design trends that require frequent relaunches. This will save you money and keep your online presence attractive to users over a longer period of time.

Instead, we recommend aligning your design with your brand, product mood, the goals of your company and the visual requirements of your users. And the same applies here: Keep it simple! The more variations or elements you place on a page, the more they distract from the main point: the buying process. Keep your design clear, clean and simple - direct the user's attention to your product and guide them towards the purchase. Customer journey maps help you do just that: smooth the user's path from the starting point to the end of the buying process and recognise potential bottlenecks.

Do the usability check with us

Does your online shop have usability gaps? In our white paper, you will not only learn the basics of user experience, we will also show you which practical questions you should ask yourself as an online shop operator in order to improve the shopping experience of your shop, achieve more conversions and inspire your customers.

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