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Pimcore in Kubernetes hosting: efficient development, easy deployment

Kubernetes and containerised applications are becoming increasingly popular. This is because the pace of digital transformation presents companies with the challenge of developing complex software solutions ever faster. Modern dev ops practices guarantee the necessary agility in the development process and increase its speed, efficiency and flexibility. Due to the pandemic and the far-reaching economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, this is more important than ever before.

Effiziente Entwicklung, easy Deployment mit Kubernetes im Hosting - erfahren Sie jetzt mehr!

Kubernetes enables the successful transformation of your information technology, in which containers and microservices play a central role. This is because the open source solution offers the necessary tools to fully automate many container management tasks such as configuration, provisioning and orchestration as well as dynamic load balancing. Upgrades and patching of any number of containers are possible during operation. These functions are revolutionising application development processes. But this is just one reason why more and more companies are opting for Kubernetes to successfully meet current IT requirements. According to a survey, 59% of companies use Kubernetes not only because of its high reliability and added security, but also because of its more effective production.

More efficient development in Kubernetes

With benefits such as repeatable processes and reusable templates, Kubernetes helps your developers to develop and test even complex applications faster and integrate them seamlessly into ongoing operations. This makes the development cycle much more efficient, shortens application launch times and leads to a significant overall increase in productivity. Development teams can deliver faster than was possible in the past. Instead of one deployment per month, several can now be carried out in one day.

CI/CD: Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery

Skilled labour is scarce and developers' time is precious. Development in Kubernetes offers a variety of integrated tools that allow patches and deployments to take place faster and more frequently. The CI/CD practice of continuous integration and continuous deployment makes it possible:

A CI/CD pipeline summarises code changes and stores them in the form of software artefacts. Automated tests check their functionality and automated deployment services make them available for immediate use. The aim is to recognise errors at an early stage, increase productivity and shorten release cycles.

The CI/CD process is in contrast to earlier software development, in which several small software updates were often combined into one large version, then tested at great expense and only then made available. CI/CD pipelines support the agile concept of development and enable customers to deliver added value more quickly.

Development with Kubernetes and Git

Blackbit combines Kubernetes with Git and develops containers in Docker to implement CI/CD practices using a clearly defined workflow.

  • Developers can use a simple configuration to specify the infrastructure requirements for their application and K8s automatically creates the infrastructure without the need for a system administrator.
  • Blackbit's development team creates individual containers, tests them and releases them for operation.
  • Completed applications are checked into Git and started fully automatically in Kubernetes.
  • New containers are integrated without any downtime during operation and executed fully automatically on a large scale with the help of Kubernetes.
  • The entire infrastructure and all code changes are documented centrally in the Git repository. This means that errors are detected more quickly and older versions can be restored quickly and easily.

Benefit from low development effort and set-up costs. Blackbit provides you with the local environment you need to develop and deploy efficiently. On request, you can receive customised extensions, such as specific integration tests with external APIs or applications as well as load tests.

Do you want to increase efficiency with Kubernetes?

From secure hosting to time-saving development and smooth deployment to secure operation - benefit now from the structural advantages that Kubernetes offers.

Contactour sales team directly if you would like to switch to Kubernetes with your company.

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