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TechTalk: Optimize Inheritance & Deploy Dataports

As a fast-growing digital agency, Blackbit is constantly faced with the challenge of efficiently operationalizing the rapid development in all areas in our tribes. Working with agile methods brings all kinds of positive effects and is an essential cornerstone of successful digital transformation.

Das Pimcore Data Director Video-Tutorial zu den Funktionen Optimize Inheritance & Deploy Dataports

We share our knowledge - for more autonomy and flexibility

The right software cannot be fully exploited and adapted to one's own purposes if the necessary know-how is missing. With our Blackbit Vlog, we want to close these knowledge gaps - because this enables the greatest possible flexibility and independent work for users of applications from Blackbit. A video tutorial can help faster, more clearly and more effectively than any user manual or documentation.

TechTalk: Sustainable exchange

One channel of regular knowledge and experience exchange are group chats and joint TechTalks. For example, our developers regularly invite you to internal TechTalks in which they present new application developments. Video recordings of these sessions are then available to all interested colleagues. In this way, we help each other with the latest information, keep up to date with the latest developments, and can refer back to the content presented there as needed. We would therefore like to share this practice with you. By the way, it gives us an insight into part of our internal organization.Still looking for your Google strategy?

Today's TechTalk: Optimize Inheritance and Deploy Dataports

In this TechTalk, developer Jan Walther introduces the "optimize inheritance" feature of our Data Director and shows its advantages for Pimcore-based stores and webpages. Most import sources provide all data for all items, for example the product name or the product category. While it is possible to import this data directly into Pimcore data objects, it is often more clever to use Pimcore's "inheritance" feature. This is because it allows the data for a particular field to be assigned to a parent element, and then inherited by all descendants that do not overwrite the value of the field.
The Data Director's optimize inheritance feature can help you achieve this optimal data structure by analyzing the data and writing it to the top-level object.

In the second part of the video, Jan shows how to transfer a Dataport configuration from one Pimcore system to another. This works very similarly to Pimcore classes using the pimcore:deployment:classes-rebuild command. This also allows you to put your own Dataport configurations into a version control system like Git and automatically deploy them to the live server. You can find the full TechTalk with Jan here.

Any questions?

If there's a topic we didn't cover in enough detail, or you'd like to dive deeper into individual details of using the CMS, feel free to ask us your questions anytime.

Or are you curious and would also like to benefit from the many advantages that Pimcore offers in the management of data in your store? We will inform you in detail and gladly advise you with a view to your individual needs. Please contact us!

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