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Ukraine Update: Blackbit Spirit at Its Best

Ukraine Update: Blackbit's Team Spirit in Full Swing

Our last blog post on the subject was only a short time ago. Nevertheless, it seems as if months have passed in the meantime, so strong is the momentum of the situation in Ukraine. As a digital agency with colleagues from Ukraine, we would like to use our reach to show them: You can count on our support and we stand by your side.

Natalia's new start - welcome to the Blackbit headquarters in Göttingen!

Blackbit's Ukrainian front-end developer Natalia continues her life at the Göttingen site.

Even though our colleague Natalia has been with us for the past year, we would like to welcome her warmly - on our blog as well as at our headquarters in Göttingen. Born in Ukraine, she started her career as a front-end developer at the Kiev site, but the Russian war of aggression forced her to leave her home country. We welcomed her and her family with open arms.

Blackbit helps. Help us!

Blackbit supports its team in Kyiv and asks for your support.

The world shows solidarity with Ukraine and its people. The willingness to help is great - so also at Blackbit. Because our team is directly affected. That is why we are turning to you today.

Blackbit stands by the side of Ukraine

A black day: We stand by the side of Ukraine and our colleagues in Kiev. For peace and security in Europe. #standwithukraine

A black day for Ukraine: Due to the current situation, we at Blackbit are also shaken. It is difficult for us to find the right words. But one thing is clear: Blackbit stands by Ukraine and our colleagues in Kiev.