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Selling successfully on online marketplaces Part 2: The product

The product - online marketplace knowledge about the right idea

In the first part of our blog series, we already revealed that the name Sinn.lichke.it stands for culinary gift sets that we sell via the online marketplaces ebay and DaWanda. In this blog article, we reveal what is special about our product idea and what steps are necessary on the way from the initial idea to a saleable product.

Das Produkt – Online-Marktplatz-Wissen rund um die richtige Idee

We admit it: The basic idea of offering high-quality treats was born out of our close relationship with the delicatessen wholesaler Viani Importe GmbH. The individual specialities form the basis of our range, but through the target group-specific composition, experience-oriented presentation, loving packaging and more, we offer buyers a whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

There are many delicatessen gift sets to buy. The special thing about our range is that Sinn.lichke.it does not focus on the products, but on the experience associated with the contents of the gift sets. For example, with a set containing coffee and sweet treats, the buyer gives the gift of an uncomplicated indulgence break, or with a gift box filled with berry wine, fine crackers and exclusive raspberry chocolate, a relaxed evening with friends.

Das Produkt – Online-Marktplatz-Wissen rund um die richtige Idee

Communicating this is the task of product photography and the presentation of our range on the various online marketplaces. In contrast to most gift set providers, we have therefore not focussed on depicting the individual items or the complete contents when presenting the products, but instead show atmospheric and authentic images of situations in which the products from the gift sets are used. The product descriptions not only provide information about the specific contents of the gift boxes, but are also emotionally formulated and convey the experiential character of the gift sets.

Das Produkt – Online-Marktplatz-Wissen rund um die richtige Idee

Another key aspect in the staging of the products is the packaging of the sets and their design: the products are delivered hand-wrapped in light-coloured wood wool and black tissue paper in an individually designed box - ready to give as a gift. As a personalised extra, one of six greetings cards is enclosed with the set. To round off the shopping experience, the buyer also receives a card with a thank you note for their purchase. The overall design ensures that the gift sets are personalised, appealing and at the same time very high-quality.

In the next part of our series, you will find out how we position our gift sets in terms of price and what you should look out for when setting a price.

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