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A warm welcome! A word with Wanja

Hi, Wanja! Blackbit welcomes the new CMS software developer to the team.

Since mid-August, Wanja has been enriching our Digital Marketing Tribe with his creativity and skills in the CMS software WordPress and has already delighted a good handful of customers with new web designs. In the interview he tells us more about himself.

Pimcore in Kubernetes hosting: efficient development, easy deployment

Effiziente Entwicklung, easy Deployment mit Kubernetes im Pimcore-Hosting - erfahren Sie jetzt mehr! Kubernetes and containerized applications are becoming increasingly popular. This is because the pace of digital transformation is presenting companies with the challenge of developing complex software solutions ever faster. Modern Dev-Ops practices guarantee the necessary agility in the development process and increase its speed, efficiency and flexibility. Due to the pandemic as well as the far-reaching, economic consequences of the war in Ukraine, this is more important than ever before.

Blackbit launches its own academy

Blackbit launches its own academy for living knowledge management Knowledge has the potential to change the world. That is a commonplace. But putting this insight into operational practice, for example in the onboarding of new team members and in customer relationships, is anything but easy. Often, nothing remains but good intentions, which remain eternal intentions under economic pressure and day-to-day business. However, we are convinced that economic success and the sharing of knowledge are a further step toward the effectiveness and efficiency of our actions - and thus toward economic success.

Ciao, 2022!

Blackbit wünscht frohe Weichnachten und einen guten Rutsch in das neue Jahr! The year is coming to an end and we would like to thank you very much for your trust, a productive cooperation at eye level and we are already looking forward to a lot of new challenges in the coming year 2023.

Kubernetes: Designed for reliable operation

Zuverlässige Performance dank Kubernetes im Hosting - erfahren Sie jetzt mehr! With the digitization of socially and economically relevant structures, the IT of organizations and companies of all sizes has become critical infrastructure. In everyday data management, therefore, it is not only security that is in demand - the reliability of systems is also more important than ever before.

New in the team: Bridge builder Sergey

Wir begrüßen Projektmanager Sergey im Team. Since June, Sergey has been responsible for communication between customers, Blackbits and all other stakeholders at the Blackbit location in Kiev. So far, he has simply been too busy to introduce himself, because he describes his job succinctly as "many customers, little time".

Free Pimcore Bundle from Blackbit: I-Frame plugin enables the display of web content on the Pimcore Dashboard

Blackbit informiert über das neue I-Frame-Plugin und seine Funktionen.

The Pimcore Dashboard

The Pimcore Dashboard welcomes Pimcore users to the Admin Panel after login. With the help of portlets, the user quickly gains an overview of the changes in the Pimcore system. Out of the box, it is displayed how many and which objects, assets or documents have been changed. With the integration of Google Analytics in Pimcore, page views and sessions can also be displayed graphically.

Musical addition to the backend: Welcome, Johannes!

Willkommen bei Blackbit, lieber Johannes! His parents had completely different plans for him and wanted him to become a musician. We sincerely hope Johannes did not disappoint them with his studies in information and media technology. Because we are very happy about the new backend developer.

New security thanks to new technology: Kubernetes in hosting

Blackbit's new service: New security thanks to Kubernetes in Pimcore hosting Blackbit is an early adaptor, as it has been so many times before, and provides Kubernetes, a new technology that stands for security, reliability in hosting and optimised processes in web development. Just at the right time, because in the energy crisis and the Ukraine war, the danger of cyber attacks is greater than ever before - also for companies.

Blackbit celebrates international unity

Die Blackbit-Family lebt internationale Einheit über alle Grenzen hinweg. German Unity Day is just a few weeks ago and could quickly fade away like so many before it. But this year, at Blackbit, this holiday was much more than in previous years. Because the current situation in Ukraine sheds new light on German history and how we perceive it.