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Successfully run Smart Display campaigns with Google AdWords

Smart Display from AdWords is changing digital commerce.

To successfully reach customers on different platforms, companies can now use Smart Display campaigns to serve precisely tailored ads on more than three million websites and apps. Thanks to machine learning, AdWords Smart Display is continuously optimized, responsive display ads are automatically created and conversion-optimized ad offers are served.

Artificial intelligence for more sales? News from the Google Agency Meeting

Blackbit Online Marketers as guests at the Google Agency Service

The days of rigid metrics and regional search results in Google search are over. Search results are now tailored to existing search behavior and user profiles - delivering better results and a more satisfying user experience. This is because search engines learn with the help of artificial learning and dynamically influence which results are displayed. A supposedly simple Google search is determined by auto-completion in the search box, bid control in AdWords and intelligent prediction of purchase completion probabilities. Blackbit online marketers André Reß and Achim Stassen exchanged views on how exactly artificial intelligence can be used to optimize search results and thus increase sales in online commerce at the Google Agency Service meeting on March 30.

"Google certified merchants" is going - "Google customer reviews" is coming.

Google Customer Reviews: What you need to know now as an online retailer - Blackbit

After less than four years on the German market, Google will announce the end of the "Google Certified Retailer" seal of approval in March. One can only speculate about the reasons for this; there are no reliable statements on the matter. What is certain, however, is that there will be a successor program: According to the search engine giant's own information, "Google Customer Reviews" will focus more clearly on high-quality reviews from customers and their seller ratings - according to Google, the two main factors for increasing the number of visitors to websites.

Identity-based brand management: From the core to a successful brand

Web design in the sense of brand management

Brand: More than just a logo A brand is not just the logo or the name of a company. It is the sum of all the individual parts: both self-image and external image. To retain customers in the long term, you have to differentiate yourself from the competition. The appearance as an outer shell serves recognition. But brands today are so much more than just the home for products and services, because with the purchase the customer receives a value promise as an extra on top. That's why brands not only provide information, but also give orientation in times of oversupply and disorientation. Many people lack a sense of direction: Who do I want to be? What do I want to represent? From whom do I want to differentiate myself? Since brands are managed more emotionally today, it is possible for them to fill this gap. There are two ways to differentiate a brand from the competition:

Unforgettable stories and emotional brand worlds

Emotional web design invites you into brand worlds.

Rational relevance and emotional added value For online retailers, there is no doubt that only high-quality products are in stock and unique services are in the store's repertoire. However, what is obvious to entrepreneurs must also be communicated to the target group. Many similar offers on the market make the USP disappear. Information in the online store and a flawless product are assumed.

Exquisite product texts in the online store

Birkenhof Distillery Online Shop: Tasteful product descriptions meet convincing web design.

High-percentage information with a touch of entertainment The product photos shine in the best light, the design is in its final form and the store can go online - only one thing is missing: the product description. It is often difficult to produce texts that not only state the obvious, but also provide information and added value. What needs to be said? What is too much?

Facebook at Work - Busy helper?

Facebook at Work: A tool for internal communication in companies - Blackbit

A glance at the calendar, checking e-mails, coordinating appointments, keeping track of time - the phone rings, the messenger flashes and the intranet is available, but it is only really used on leap years, especially since no real benefit is apparent. We are surrounded by tools that are very useful in individual cases, but in total inhibit productivity.

Snack content: delicious and easy to digest, please!

Snack content: these are short concise messages that hit home.

8.25 seconds - that's how short an average Internet user can or wants to concentrate on one thing today. That's roughly equivalent to the attention span of a goldfish! How do marketers still manage to get their messages across despite declining attention and a constantly increasing flood of data? With snack content! Short, concise content for in between. Typical examples are short videos, gifs, images, tweets or other social media posts.

Social CRM: 11 tips for companies

Social CRM: 11 tips for successful customer relationship management on the social web - Blackbit

Today, social media offer companies enormous potential in the area of customer relationship management. More and more frequently, busy customers on Facebook, Twitter & Co. are becoming data suppliers and partners in the (further) development of products and business areas. To help you get to know your customers better, customize your offerings and enhance your company's reputation, we have compiled 11 tips for successful social customer relationship management (sCRM).

Local Insights: New statistics for Facebook Pages

Facebook Local Insights - Blackbit

If you regularly browse the statistics of your Facebook fan page, you may have already discovered them: the new Insights for local businesses. The tool has been available in the U.S. since November 2015 and has now been rolled out to German-speaking countries. We present the most important functions and advantages for advertisers.

AdWords: Google deletes ads in right column

Removal of AdWords ads to the right of search results - Blackbit

Google has taken the matter seriously: After various test runs, the placement of ads to the right of the search results was discontinued on February 22, 2016. From now on, only a maximum of four ads will be displayed above the search results. Google Shopping results are not affected by the change; these will continue to be displayed in the right-hand column.

Dynamic Remarketing: Targeted AdWords Advertising

Dynamic Remarketing: Targeted AdWords Advertising

Anyone who occasionally visits online stores is familiar with the phenomenon: a certain time after leaving the store, you regularly encounter AdWords ads for exactly the products about which you have previously informed yourself. Of course, this is no coincidence, but dynamic remarketing.